Anca Badea

European Central Bank. Credit@wikimedia


This week marks the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Treaties of Rome, which laid the foundation of today’s European    ... more

Ethnolingusitic map of Ukraine.

Speaking of Ukraine

As the political stability and territorial integrity of Ukraine continue to be an active topic for a third year running, some    ... more

Dutch election posters 2017. Credit@wikipedia

Red, white and blue on the horizon

General elections are under way in the Netherlands for the selection of all 150 members of the House of Representatives, which is    ... more

AIG headquarters US. Credit@wikipedia

A proactive approach

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) has recently announced plans to locate an insurance company in Luxembourg, after initially considering Dublin, to ensure the    ... more

Vodafone’s “ReConnect” programme is designed to attract talented women who have taken a career break.

ReConnecting women’s lives

Vodafone – one of the world's leading mobile communications providers – recently announced two initiatives designed to increase opportunities for women in    ... more

Student vote mob. Credit@flickr

The age of reason

When it comes to voting age, most countries seem to have agreed on a minimum age, often specified in their constitution.    ... more

Smoking bans in Europe. Credit@

A breath of fresh air

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland has adopted an action plan – "Roadmap towards a smoke-free Finland" – with    ... more

Theresa May at CBI Conference. Credit@flickr

A “whole economy” approach

Following its largest consultation of members since the EU referendum, the Confederation of British Industry (CSI) released a statement emphasising the importance    ... more

Care Quality Commission's chief inspector for adult social care Andrea Sutcliffe joins in the celebrations for National Care Home Open Day. Credit@flickr

Advancing equality

In February this year, Manchester City Council announced its plans to create a community aimed at elder lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender    ... more

The 16th EU-Canada summit, Bruxelles, Belgium. Credi@flickr

A transatlantic handshake

In February 2017, the European Parliament voted in favour of CETA (the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) – a new trade    ... more

The US Business Advisory Council. Credit@youtube

Constructive insights

Shortly after winning the US presidential election, Donald Trump announced he was forming a presidential advisory forum – the Business Advisory    ... more

Street rallies in Arad, Romania. Credit@Ciprian Hord

250.000 lights for justice

For eight consecutive days, Romanians have taken to the streets in response to the newly appointed Government’s plan to relax the    ... more

Rally in support of refugees. Credit@flick

Unity in diversity

Staying true to his campaign promises, on January 27th, 2017, president Donald Trump issued an executive order marking numerous changes in American    ... more

Chinese red envelope with money. Credit@wikimedia

Red envelopes

The 2017 Chinese New Year, also known as the “Spring Festival”, has started on Saturday, January 28th, initiating another year of    ... more

Women's March Washington, DC. Credit@wikipedia

Marching forward

On Saturday, January 21st, 2017, people around the world marched for equality, diversity, inclusion, as part of the Women’s March on    ... more

London properties.

Property prospects

For a continuous length of time, London’s housing market seems to have demonstrated a relatively steady growth. Data provided by Greater    ... more

The Obama family.

The wizard of words

In last week’s farewell speech in Chicago, president Obama spoke about his achievements over the past 8 years as president of the    ... more

World Ecomonic Forum. Credit@flickr

Global leadership

In what may seem like a rapidly evolving and progressively more interconnected world characterised by cutting-edge technologies, demographic shifts and political    ... more

Theresa May (top left), Boris Johnson ( top right), Andy Murray ( bottom left) and Michelle Obama aimed to make a difference in 2016. Credit@Wikipedia.

2016 influencers

As 2016 is drawing to a close, the Jupital has reflected upon memorable events, which may have innovated or motivated 2016,    ... more


United progress

The political and social movements experienced by the UK in 2016 seemed to have motivated barrister Flora Page of South Islington    ... more

Nadia Soufi, founder of Paris for Her. Credit@Nadia Soufi

“A City for Her”

When it comes to entrepreneurial success, effective business networking may play a vital role in building bridges between individuals within the    ... more

Liviu Dragnea, PSD.


On Sunday, December 11th, Romanians from all over the world had the chance to vote in the country’s parliamentary election and select    ... more

Hywind project. Credit@Commons Wikimedia

Teaming up with nature

When it comes to the energy market, proactive businesses seem to embrace a future-proofing approach by exploring innovative renewable energy sources.    ... more

Dakota Access Pipeline rally.

Unearthing opportunities

On Sunday, December 4th, 2016, the US Army Corps of Engineers released a statement, through spokesperson Moira Kelley, announcing plans for    ... more

Family business. Credit@nevadasmallbusiness

Family ventures

The Institute for Family Business (IFB), an organisation supporting and promoting the UK family-owned business sector through events, networking, representation, leadership    ... more

Taking advantage of the sales events.

Conscious purchases

Starting in November and carrying through December and January, purchasing around the world seems to be at its peak due to    ... more

Sääksjärvi School Choir from Lempäälä, Finland.

Pursuing academic performance

Since the year 2000, when PISA evaluations have started, Finland has consistently ranked at the top of the international assessment test results.    ... more

Emmanuel Macron.

En marche

On November 16th, 2016, Emmanuel Macron, France’s former Economy Minister, debuted his campaign for the country’s 2017 presidential election, calling for a    ... more

1000 rupee note.

Leaping into the fintech future

On November 8th, 2016, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation of two high value denominations, all 500 and 1,000 currency    ... more

A favourable currency exchange rate may open the possibility of an increased number of foreign tourists visiting the UK. Credit@howardlakeviaflickr-com

The flip side

Since the Brexit vote on June 23rd this year, the sterling pound has shown a constant fluctuation, reaching a value of    ... more

Donald Trump. Credit@wikipedia

A country’s new journey

Following the historic US election which took place on November 8th, 2016, with high numbers of US citizens turning up to vote,    ... more

Golden Tours London bus. Credit@Wikimedia Commons

Hop on hop off

London’s tour industry seems to play an important part in the city’s economy, aiming to provide a safe and accessible way    ... more

House of Parliament. Credit@Public Domain Pictures

Parliamentary sovereignty

On November 3rd, 2016, the High Court in London ruled in the matter of R (Miller) vs Secretary of State for    ... more

Taj Mahal, India. Credit@Aninke van Antwerpen


Venturing into the world and exploring new destinations, stepping off the airplane at a unique location, the desire to discover refreshing    ... more

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton. Credit@Wikimedia Commons

America’s choice

On October 19th, Las Vegas hosted the third and final TV debate ahead of the 2016 US presidential election scheduled on Tuesday,    ... more

Family fun at the beach.

Citizens of the world

Katie, Ka and their 6 children (Jaro, Benny, Ronja, Joa, Luna and Sofia) are the Sundance family. Originally from Germany, they    ... more

Softbank phones.

Drawing new roads

On October 14th, 2016, SoftBank Group Corporation (SBG) announced plans to form a private fund for making investments in the technology sector    ... more

Theresa May.

Walking in new shoes

Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference last week, Theresa May, Britain’s Prime Minister, announced plans to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon    ... more

Deutsche Bank.

A time for action

On September 29th, financial market reports placed Deutsche Bank’s shares at a buying value of €10.9, compared to the €27 value reported    ... more

Chief Adventure Officer

While for some individuals a dream job may be to play in a rock band, orbit the Earth aboard the International    ... more

VegfestUK. Credit@http-//

Mosaic of flavours

Every year on October 1st, World Vegetarian Day kicks off a month of parties, potlucks, presentations, food tasting displays and festivities. For    ... more

Clifton Beach, Cape Town.

Striving for accessibility

Ever since its debut, World Tourism Day has been celebrated on September 27th to foster awareness among the international community of the    ... more

Colourful Squamish Marina, BC.

A royal destination

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are presently in Canada, on their second official visit to the country, after accepting a formal    ... more

Oktoberfest festival.

Lederhosen and dirndls

Traditionally starting on the third Saturday of September and stretching until the first Sunday of October, Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer    ... more

Constitution Square, Bucharest.

557 years of history

Over the weekend 16th – 18th of September, Bucharest City Hall organised a series of events celebrating 557 years since the    ... more

Entry Gate of Mecca.

Following the pilgrims’ path

Every year Muslims around the world prepare to travel to the Saudi Arabian cities of Mecca and Medina for the annual    ... more

Mimi shopping in Italy. Credit@Mimi Kirk

In the raw

Voted sexiest vegetarian over 50 by PETA, Mimi Kirk is the author of Live Raw: Raw Food Recipes for Good Health    ... more

New York Fashion Week.

From New York to Milan

Every year New York, London, Milan, and Paris – the so called “Big 4” – prepare to welcome animated crowds of    ... more

The ANA Boeing 747-400 airplane painted with Pikachu and other Pokémon.

More than a game

They come in ingenious shapes and colours and have names like Evoli, Dratini, Pikachu, Sewaddle, Bidoof, Pancham, Zigzagoon, Plusle, Eevee, etc,    ... more

World Flag Map.

One world

While some individuals may experience foreign destinations and cultures through vacations and weekend trips, others may move abroad to pursue life    ... more