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Mosaic of flavours

Every year on October 1st, World Vegetarian Day kicks off a month of parties, potlucks, presentations, food tasting displays and festivities. For … more

Staff at the festival Credit@James Warden, Five Lake Arts

The wiener takes it all

This weekend, the fourth annual Chicago Hot Dog Festival aims to take place in Lincoln Park, Chicago, where local vendors such … more

Allegra forecasts the total UK coffee shop market will exceed 20,500 outlets and turnover of £8.7 billion by 2018. Image credit - @Paul

Essential economic role

The total UK coffee shop market is estimated at 16,501 outlets and continues to show strong sales growth of 6.4 percent … more

Food festivals always draw a crowd. Credit@greatwinenews

Tasting the difference in culture

Impressive skylines, crowded streets and unimaginable variety; these are just three things that may be found in New York City. Home … more

Sea salt is a beneficial aspect to the diet in more ways than one. Credit@healthcareaboveall

A savoury new ideal

Sea salt, produced by the evaporation of sea water bespeaks of a more natural state. While far from aiding the sodium content … more

Sugarcane is a source rich in nutrients as well as delicious. Credit@EncinoMan

The saccharine truth

Native to the tropical regions of Asia, sugarcane has fast become one of the healthiest options to include in the diet … more

In moderation, alcohol can provide productive benefits to mental and physical health. Credit@CamilleStyleviaflickr

A cultural quirk

From as early as the Neolithic period, alcohol has been present in the lives of civilisation and from then onwards, a … more

Healthier fast food options. Credit@HideyaHamanovaviaflickr: credit@jessicapenglerviaflickr: credit@lovelimzyviaflickr

An evolving menu

Since the 1950s, the fast food industry, such as chain restaurants including McDonalds, Burger King and KFC, has proliferated across the … more

Some of Venetia's finest being prepared. All photos courtesy of Tozi Restaurant.

Tozi reinvigorates the scene

London’s Victoria Station and its environs have been a of a hidden identity in terms of “haute cuisine”; with highlights meaning … more

The Great British Bake Off has been renewed for season 5. The first episode aired on 6th August 2014. Credit@twitcelebgossip

A great British tradition

Since it first aired in 2010, The Great British Bake Off has reached its peak of 9.1 million viewers, won a … more

Chocolate has been a luxury for centuries. Credit@Kinomiviaflickr

The timeless treat

From celebratory gift items to comforting hot drinks, chocolate has been known as a valued confectionery whether it is wrapped in … more

Coffee culture: a social norm.
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A sociable affair

Coffee culture has grown to become a metropolitan luxury that many may thrive on. From big scale stores to those smaller, … more

Readymade meals have been  a popular food choice for over 40 years. Credit@Alex-Segreviaviaflickr

A quicker way to dine

From the 1950s readymade meals have become ever increasing; a £2 billion-plus worth industry in the UK, the time-saving method of … more

Turmeric has been discovered to contan many health benefits. Credit@ChristinaChin-

A super-food medicine

Scaling the terrains of South-East Asia, the root, turmeric (or haldi), has been used in pastes, desserts, dishes and juices. Hailed … more

A healthier twist to this summer. Credit@ ArunJosephviaflickr

A sweet sip of summer

The tang of fresh mint garnished over the surface of a fruity cocktail compliments the heat of the sun, a sip … more

The Plan for Public Procurement should benefit thousands of British farmers, small businesses, rural economies and the British public. Image credit –

British food philosophy

The Prime Minister has announced that from 2017, all of central government will commit to buying fresh, locally sourced, seasonal food, … more