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By Nikiya Cooper, Aged 9 years

For me, health and well-being is a lifestyle, an attitude to promote a good way of living.  My parents try to live as close to a healthy lifestyle as possible and this inspires me to do the same. Below is a list of points that I believe health and well-being is about.

  • Eating well
  • Sleeping well
  • Positive thinking
  • Managing stress
  • Expressing yourself
  • Exercise

Eating well is a great way to maintain a healthy life style. When we eat the right foods, we are able to get the correct nutrition our bodies need to work in the right way. We get a variety of nutrients from foods such as nuts, beans, meat, fish, rice, vegetables, fruits, as well as from natural fresh juices and water. These foods promote a healthy diet for any growing child or adult.

Meat, fish, nuts and beans are foods high in protein, however, nuts and fish are also high in fats. Fats you say! Yes fats, however these are beneficial fats, which are similar to the ones taken in a tablet, known as the omegas’.

Fruit and vegetables are a great source for vitamins and minerals. They also give you a little bit of fibre too, which is the natural ingredients that cleanses the bowel. Brown rice is also a good source for essential vitamins and minerals and great for keeping healthy bones, muscles and skin.

Rice, bread and pasta come under carbohydrates, like fats and proteins these are our main sources of energy.

Water and juices are also great for cleansing, as long as the juice is natural. Juices are quite quick and easy to make, so you could try making some yourself. Water contains many of the minerals that we need for our bodies whilst juices provide natural sugars. Vegetable juices are also a great and refreshing option too.

Having a good night’s sleep is very important, so think positive thoughts before going to sleep! For some people getting into a routine is helpful, or reflecting on the day’s activities is also a great way to help with sleep too. Sleep is also a great thing because it will recharge and energise you for the day ahead.

Being happy is one of the best states that you can be in. We can achieve this by trying to think of the positive things that happen during the day and think about how they made you feel. The more you reflect on these situations the more you are able to see the amazing things about life.

Talking of feelings, I have always been encouraged to express myself and talk about them. I find that being able to talk about my feelings helps me in a big way. My parents and I have regular discussions about my day at school, they help me to manage my feelings because they listen to what I have to say and have very encouraging words for me. I also believe that it helps me to manage emotional situations.

There are different ways of managing emotions. Relaxation helps and also doing something you enjoy can help to keep you more positive and reduce challenging emotions. What helps me to relax is reading a book – doing this calms and settles me.

Exercise is great for the body however far from just physical exercise – also mental as well. It is stimulating and in the long-term keeps you fit as well as strengthen the functions of the body. As well as being more active, try being more imaginative too, for example write a story for fun or alternatively act it out, it may be as silly or as serious as you like.

Health and wellbeing is very important because it may create stable environments and excellent people. There are so many great things out there that you may explore, try different things to find out what suits you best!

Whats your favorite way of living a healthy lifestyle?


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