International self-help author Anne Jones. Credit@ Anne Jones

Valuing the act of Christmas

International self-help author Anne Jones, celebrates her birthday on Christmas Eve and she recalls several past birthdays when after baking yule log, … more

VegfestUK. Credit@http-//

Mosaic of flavours

Every year on October 1st, World Vegetarian Day kicks off a month of parties, potlucks, presentations, food tasting displays and festivities. For … more

Mimi shopping in Italy. Credit@Mimi Kirk

In the raw

Voted sexiest vegetarian over 50 by PETA, Mimi Kirk is the author of Live Raw: Raw Food Recipes for Good Health … more

Catching rays

Research suggests individuals soak up sun light in order to attain numerous health benefits. A prime reason for this is the … more

Growing fruit and vegetables may support a healthier lifestyle. credit@ jf-gabnor

An outside idea

It's the season of summer and there may be an abundance of fruit and vegetables which may be mouth watering right … more

Ginger may benefit an individual's health in many ways. credit@brett hondow pixabay

A spiced up metabolism

Brought into European culture thanks to the Romans many centuries ago, ginger may have the possibility to be found everywhere in many … more

Rehab aims to support the individual and society. Credit@Drug & Alcohol Rehab of Miami via

The productive addict

Rehabs and recovery centres aim to glow with productivity and strength. Individuals may be able to challenge themselves to reach new … more

Social media aims to support mental health.

A virtual hug

With the up rise of social media, individuals may be able to communicate with people across the world in seconds rather … more

Mountain biking.Credit@flickruser-photogalleryisraeliministryoftourism

A well earned boost

How exercise improves the overall health of an individual has been proven. The focus has been on the biological changes occurring … more


Die Deutschen wanderer

This year from July 13th to the 16th, the OutDoor trade fair took place for its twenty-second year in Friedrichshafen, south … more

A heavenly getaway

With accumulating evidence, the practice of meditation may be proven as a treatment for many health ailments. It is still to … more


Relieving a resolute condition

A new drug Ixekizumab has been shown to cure psoriasis in some individuals, the drug works by influencing a pathway involved … more

Phonak audeo B-R a revolutionary technological breakthrough in hearing

Living in harmony

Phonak aims to release a new hearing aid using lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and employing more advanced sound analysing software generating clearer … more

A varied diet is essential to the diversity of the

An injection of life

The benefit of a diverse diet may be explained by the variety of bacteria species an individual possesses. The diversity of … more

New research using fruit flies with Alzheimer's protein finds that the medical condition detaches it. Credit@Universityofcambridge

Revealing evidence in research promotes future treatments

The progress on researching dementia and understanding ways people may reduce their chances of developing dementia has increased in just recent … more

Fruit juice proved popular amongst consumers purchasing products for breakfast and lunch out-of-home.

Nutritious and wholesome propensity

Smoothies have grown from a niche market in the 1990s to a £1.5 billion industry, according to research firm Mintel Intelligence … more