Cypiot President Nicos Anastasiades, UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Turkish leader Mustafa Akinci in Geneva. Credit@

The process for peace

Recently, there seems to have been talks to reunify Cyprus, seemingly nullifying the border between the north and south which has existed … more

Care Quality Commission's chief inspector for adult social care Andrea Sutcliffe joins in the celebrations for National Care Home Open Day. Credit@flickr

Advancing equality

In February this year, Manchester City Council announced its plans to create a community aimed at elder lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender … more

Jeremy Corbyn after a speech. Credit

Motivated by modification

After the Conservative’s victory in the general election in 2015, then leader of opposition, Ed Miliband, opted to allow another politician to … more

National Front Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. Credit

Striving for innovation

With the French Presidential elections occurring on the 23rd April, the candidates have seemingly recently begun their campaigns, attempting to win over … more

Street rallies in Arad, Romania. Credit@Ciprian Hord

250.000 lights for justice

For eight consecutive days, Romanians have taken to the streets in response to the newly appointed Government’s plan to relax the … more

Rally in support of refugees. Credit@flick

Unity in diversity

Staying true to his campaign promises, on January 27th, 2017, president Donald Trump issued an executive order marking numerous changes in American … more

Women's March Washington, DC. Credit@wikipedia

Marching forward

On Saturday, January 21st, 2017, people around the world marched for equality, diversity, inclusion, as part of the Women’s March on … more

Donald Trump during his campaign. Credit

The people’s President

On the 20th January, newly elected President Donald Trump assumed office, succeeding Barack Obama after the Democrat’s two successive terms. In becoming … more

A protest supporting the NHS and Junior Doctors. Credit

Strength through unity

With the NHS seemingly aiming to satisfy the request to fulfil society’s needs for instant medical supervision, the Government may be … more

The Obama family.

The wizard of words

In last week’s farewell speech in Chicago, president Obama spoke about his achievements over the past 8 years as president of the … more

Tillikum in SeaWorld. creditscottkinmartinviaflickr

Set free

Early in the morning on the 6th of January, one-time SeaWorld show-whale Tilikum passed away whilst surrounded by trainers and carers. … more

More United is a crowdfunding movement for change. Credit@moreunitedviafacebook

Becoming ‘More United’

Over Christmas, the movement More United may have run a successful crowdfunding campaign in an effort to raise funds for their … more

Theresa May (top left), Boris Johnson ( top right), Andy Murray ( bottom left) and Michelle Obama aimed to make a difference in 2016. Credit@Wikipedia.

2016 influencers

As 2016 is drawing to a close, the Jupital has reflected upon memorable events, which may have innovated or motivated 2016, … more


United progress

The political and social movements experienced by the UK in 2016 seemed to have motivated barrister Flora Page of South Islington … more

East London Mosque. Credit@diamondgeezer

Turning the other cheek

The East London Mosque, located on Whitechapel Road, may have been a religious ground which has faced adversity since its first … more

Liviu Dragnea, PSD.


On Sunday, December 11th, Romanians from all over the world had the chance to vote in the country’s parliamentary election and select … more