A study conducted by Northeastern University aims to explore the impact of early life bonding in humans and its potential long-term implications on "health, productivity, and well-being in society”. Credit@Pixabay

The human bond

The human brain is believed to be the most complex organ in the body, responsible for processing information, regulating important functions … more

Medical practitioners may soon have a new way of monitoring cardiovascular health. Credit@pixabay

A novel diagnosis

In the human body, the circulatory system plays a key role in its maintenance and daily function. This circulatory system is … more

Libratus developers Prod. Tuomas Sandholm and Ph.D. student Noam Brown stad between the 4 Texas Hold 'em Poker specialists. Credit@2017 Rivers Casino. All rights reserved.

An artificial bluff

The term artificial intelligence or A.I, as it’s often abbreviated, is used to describe a form of intelligence demonstrated by computer … more

Google launched the first self driving car in 20th October 2015 credit@Google.Alphabet

An autonomous stretch

It was October 20th, 2015 when the world's first self-driving car took its debut voyage. The journey was conducted by Google’s … more

The personal assistant Alexa debuted with the Amazon Echo. Credit@Amazon.com, Inc. and its affiliates

An assistant in the clouds

Seattle, USA, based Fortune 500 company Amazon.com Inc first launched its website in October 1998. With a considerable catalogue, ranging from Health … more


The next frontier

The phrase “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” may have come about as a result of the … more

Solar Power is a source of renewable energy being implemented across the globe. Credit@Pixabay

Carbon footprint reduction

Over the years this planet may have seen its fair share of temperature fluctuations; whether heat increases or drops in temperature, … more

Tillikum in SeaWorld. creditscottkinmartinviaflickr

Set free

Early in the morning on the 6th of January, one-time SeaWorld show-whale Tilikum passed away whilst surrounded by trainers and carers. … more


Bite-sized nostalgia

When the genre of video games was still in its infancy, the early generation of consoles used 8-bit processing and it … more

Nintendo Switch Console

Switching up the game

Making its console debut in 1986 with the Nintendo Entertainment System, or simply NES, a Japanese video game company under the … more

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Virtual reality check

As humanity continues to evolve in a variety of ways the methods of media consumption may have progressed in sync. From … more

The Milky Way.Credit@flickruser-IanNorman.com

A mysterious creation

According to new research at the University of Tokyo a fundamental change to the understanding of the Milky Way may be … more

Hypnotising watch.Credit@meditation.com

In a trance

A new study has illuminated the practice of hypnosis showing where in the brain it has effects and explaining why certain … more

The HIV pathogen infecting cells.Credit@img.medicalxpress.com

A thing of the past

A new study has found new inhibitor drugs prevent immature HIV cells from developing into mature HIV cells. This may represent … more


An inbuilt GPS

An inbuilt GPS possessed by animals and birds; allows them to navigate long distances by sensing the Earth’s magnetic field. Recently … more

Neuronal firing under normal conditions.Credit@scitechdaily.com

Shape shifting enzymes

New research suggests an anti-HIV drug may treat Alzheimer’s by influencing the action of particular enzymes involved in cholesterol clearance. Researchers … more