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AIG headquarters US. Credit@wikipedia

A proactive approach

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) has recently announced plans to locate an insurance company in Luxembourg, after initially considering Dublin, to ensure the    ... more

Theresa May at CBI Conference. Credit@flickr

A “whole economy” approach

Following its largest consultation of members since the EU referendum, the Confederation of British Industry (CSI) released a statement emphasising the importance    ... more

The 16th EU-Canada summit, Bruxelles, Belgium. Credi@flickr

A transatlantic handshake

In February 2017, the European Parliament voted in favour of CETA (the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) – a new trade    ... more

The US Business Advisory Council. Credit@youtube

Constructive insights

Shortly after winning the US presidential election, Donald Trump announced he was forming a presidential advisory forum – the Business Advisory    ... more

Nadia Soufi, founder of Paris for Her. Credit@Nadia Soufi

“A City for Her”

When it comes to entrepreneurial success, effective business networking may play a vital role in building bridges between individuals within the    ... more

Hywind project. Credit@Commons Wikimedia

Teaming up with nature

When it comes to the energy market, proactive businesses seem to embrace a future-proofing approach by exploring innovative renewable energy sources.    ... more

Family fun at the beach. Credit@theSundancefamily.com

Citizens of the world

Katie, Ka and their 6 children (Jaro, Benny, Ronja, Joa, Luna and Sofia) are the Sundance family. Originally from Germany, they    ... more

Intel brand logo.Credit@Thomas.Hawk.flickr.com

Cyber cover and computer chips

Intel security is a part of the larger Intel company, and sells many products and services for protecting computers such as    ... more

Norwegian currency.Credit@norges-bank.no

Maintaining Northern connections

Norway and Europe may have a unique relationship in comparison to other countries which are tied to the European Union. With    ... more

Shanghai's financial district.Credit@Joan.Campderros-i-Canas.flickr.com

From East to West

China’s state owned currency marketplace, the China Foreign Exchange Trade System, is preparing to open new branches in London and New    ... more

Uber app.Credit@UBER

An international ride

Uber has recently received a 3.5 billion dollar investment from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, potentially solidifying Uber’s position as the    ... more

Founder of Prosperity Equation 2.Credit@thepressdispensary.co.uk

Igniting the global spark

On the 23rd of May a new organisation launched in London with the aim to be the first global spark to    ... more

Should the UK stay in the EU?Credit@eureferendum.blogspot.co.uk

The larger picture

Next month, British citizens have the opportunity to vote whether the United Kingdom stays or leaves the European Union. The United    ... more

It may be important for entrepreneurs to understand tax on crowdfunding.Credit@GotCredit.flickr.com

Mind the tax

According to a recent press release from Blick Rothenberg, entrepreneurs seeking to fund their business through crowdfunding may be knowledgeable on    ... more

Jack Ma at an interview.Credit@World.Economic.Forum.flickr.com

Entrepreneurial eminence

The founder and chairman of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba, Jack Ma may be considered a business leader due to his level    ... more

Large Euro sign.Credit@Chris.Goldberg.flickr.com

Continental restoration

According to a recent Eurozone forecast from EY, the Eurozone’s recovery is becoming broader-based and more self-sustaining. According to the report,    ... more

Outside of a McDonalds restaurant.Credit@Mike.Mozart.flickr.com

Golden arches transition

According to a recent press release from McDonalds, the fast-food chain has reported higher sales, revenues and operating income across all    ... more


Exposing the elite

Recently the publication of confidential documents known as the Panama Papers have came to light. The information contained inside the documents    ... more

Zimbabwean currency.Credit@Baynham.Goredema.flickr.com

Economic empowerment through indigenisation

In the land-locked country of Zimbabwe in Southern Africa, laws regarding indigenisation in foreign companies have brought the country back into    ... more

Facebook headquarters.Credit@newsroom.fb.com

Increasing accountability

Special tax arrangements for international businesses operating in the United Kingdom may continue to be a challenging task for Her Majesty’s    ... more

Chinese Yuan.Credit@Japanexperterna.se

Calming the red dragon

According to The World Bank, China has had a remarkable period of rapid growth shifting from a centrally planned to a    ... more

Google logo at Google headquarters.Credit@Robert.Scoble.flickr.com

Taking on the giants

Last week, search engine giant Google faced questions in the United Kingdom regarding its unique tax agreement with Her Majesty’s Revenue    ... more

Barbie's 2016 Fashionistas line.Credit@barbiemedia.com

Diversity transforming the brand

According to Barbie’s official website, the Barbie doll is evolving. Last week, Mattel announced the Barbie brand aims to diversify itself    ... more

Hong Kong's elevated walkways through the city. Credit@Gemma D'Souza

A city with electronic pavements

Every city has different ground: Barcelona may have wide pavements, Bangkok may possibly have narrow pavements; London offers buses, Lisbon offers    ... more


Hooping through Berlin

Berlin is the city for the traveler; it is young, multicultural and still finding its feet as the coolest destination in    ... more

Syrian activists and Haytham al-Maleh trip to the Syrian refugee camps, credit to Freedom House, flickr.com

Trade, service and a desire for normality gives Zaatari refugee camp a sense of ‘home’

Refugee camps are notorious for their poverty, crime and deprivation, so it is refreshing to hear of attempts to establish a    ... more