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Family fun at the beach. Credit@theSundancefamily.com

Citizens of the world

Katie, Ka and their 6 children (Jaro, Benny, Ronja, Joa, Luna and Sofia) are the Sundance family. Originally from Germany, they    ... more

Credit@Jaypeg via. Flickr

Beauty in the Bodnant Garden

The Bodnant Garden in Colwyn Bay, Wales, is a National Trust protected garden sewn with flora from around the world which is    ... more

Milford Credit@silverchariot

The nature of New Hampshire

This year, the 2016 Milford Pumpkin Festival aims to take place on the weekend of the 7th-9th of October, and endeavors    ... more

Claude Monet, Lady in the Garden, 1867 
Oil on canvas, 80 x 99 cm 
The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg 
Photo © The State Hermitage Museum. Photography: Vladimir Terebenin

Synthesis of art and nature

Using the work of Monet as a starting point, this exhibition, advertised as being landmark, aims to examine the role gardens played    ... more

A health worker collecting blood samples in Uganda for the African Genome Variation Project. Blood samples are used to extract genetic material for sequencing and genotyping. Credit@GinaMurphy

Genetic insight from Africa

All the information necessary to describe a living organism is contained within its genome, typically the DNA. Given the wide spectrum    ... more

The great tit Parus major, is a passerine bird, widespread throughout Europe. Innovative and an opportunist, this species is an ideal candidate for social learning experiments. Credit©MollyHarwood

Unveiling mechanisms of social learning

The Latin phrase ‘tabula rasa’ refers to the idea that people are born as empty slates, filled in by experience and    ... more

Nature offering free articles to reader online. Credit@ Annthea Lewis/Nature

Nature takes its course

The leading publishing company Macmillan Science and Education launched a new initiative last week that allows subscribers of the scientific journal    ... more

The scenery offered in Iceland is breathtaking
Image credit: wikipedia

Bright lights and nordic tales

Reykjavik is a city thriving within Iceland’s recent popularity as a travel destination.  The multicultural influences that have become prevalent within    ... more

Monarch butterfly in flight. Credit@Jennifernishviaflickr.com

Conserving a key British species

A distinct, beautiful insect, the butterfly is a clear sign the British summer has arrived. Bringing a stunning elegance to the    ... more

Free Spirit Sphere in Vancouver, Canada. Credit@IAmNotunique via flickr.com

Nights from above

Leaves rustle in the evening breeze, stars replace the bedside lamp and animals hoot, hiss and howl. A night up in    ... more

Joatinga e São Conrado Districts, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Credit @Rubem Porto Jr via Creative Commons

Samba nation takes centre stage

Brazilian carnival’s are amongst the most colourful, atmospheric and exhilarating events around the world. A collection of talented musicians, dancers, floats    ... more

DSC_8962 Angel Falls credit@ENT108 via flickr.com https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/

Exploring the land of variety and adventure

On the northern tip of South America lies a country most widely known for its diversity and variety, Venezuela. Diversity in    ... more

The beauty of nature credit@ gmd pix via Flickr.com

The great things about nature

Nikiyi Cooper, aged 8 years old Nature is a wonderful thing. We get everything from nature: metal, brick, material. Nature gives    ... more