Write for the Jupital

the Jupital newspaper seeks creative Contributing Journalists and Sub-Editors to revolutionise everyday mainstream news with their unique writing talent.

the Jupital’s Vision

the Jupital is a newspaper, which reports insightful, innovative and thought-provoking perspectives on the news. Our vision is to challenge the way people think about the mainstream news they read by offering them productive perspectives. With these perceptions, the Jupital aims to educate readers’ minds specifically in there may be more dynamic ways of absorbing the matters in current affairs.

the Jupital is determined to deliver fair, honest, balanced and unbiased reporting. The journalists are more than only writers at the Jupital, they become teachers to society via their words. the Jupital aspires to leave the reader feeling confident and with a productive mindset by the news they have read with the Jupital

the Jupital’s Values

  •  Quality journalism
  •  Balance and unbiased reporting 
  •  Insightful, innovative and thought-provoking perspectives
  •  Constructive in nature
  •  Challenging the sensationalism in the mainstream media

Application procedures for Contributing Journalists

  • Contributing Journalists of the Jupital need to challenge their mindset and have the drive to report in a fresh perspective about daily situations, which are occurring in the world. Possess the ability to deliver innovative and insightful articles, on subjects which are presently taking place in London and worldwide.
  • Contributing Journalists work from home and need to be based in the UK.
  • A minimum of two articles for submission is required per week with an open option of submitting more articles. the Jupital publishes on Wednesdays. You need to be available from 9:00am until 12noon upon the agreed day. Along on Monday from 9am – 10am for initial submissions.
  • It is a work experience position to begin with however credit for working with the Jupital is offered along with gaining writing experience. It may lead to a solid position within the Jupital with a payment structure in place.
  • Employment with the Jupital is on a self-employed basis and the journalist is responsible for taxes and NI.
  • The use and understanding of proper English is important, thus required. the Jupital writes in UK English.
  • Contributing Journalist must be located and living in the UK.
  • The starting date is now. To apply for the position, send your CV along with which section of the newspaper you are keen to write for ( please narrow it down to ONE) to: editorial@thejupital.com

“Be courageous and write in a way which wakes you up.”

Application procedures for Contributing Sub-Editors

  • The sub-editor of the Jupital needs to embrace the overall editorial process. This entails sub-editing, re-writing, checking and proofing copy, layout, and production. You need to be self-directed and a team player, with the ability to work to strict deadlines. It is important you have a clear understanding of the difference between positive and unproductive words in articles. A need for excellent English grammar and spelling, excellent attention to detail, excellent IT skills and research skills are required for this position.
  • The sub-editor works from home. the Jupital publishes Wednesday and needs to be available from 9:00am until 12noon on this day.
  • The Contributing Sub Editor is paid with a “share” payment which is calculated of the overall revenue of the accumulated shares on the newspaper website.
  • Employment with the Jupital is on a self-employed basis and the Contributing Sub-Editor is responsible for taxes and NI.
  • Contributing Sub-Editors must be located and living in the UK.
  • Proper English is important.
  • The starting date is now. To apply for the position, please send your CV along with any examples of sub-editing work to: editorial@thepositive.com


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