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Science fiction may be a genre, which aims to gaze through the looking glass and explore the fringes of our imagination; the parts individuals may only dream about as they ponder what shape the future may take or speculate on the infinite possibilities of the universe. Science fiction aims to be a genre which introduces audiences to force wielding Jedi’s and reminds them to set their phasers to stun. Science fiction’s multitude of intriguing concepts may have taken place in the far reaches of space or grounded on planet Earth. An aspect the genre aims to excel are the way stories are crafted and creative adventures it aims to present to its audience.

Through the years of cinema there have been several science fiction films as the genre continues to stir the pot of creativity. The latest individual to foray into the realm of the theoretical is director Denis Villeneuve . Denis Villeneuve is a Canadian film director who recently caught the attention of audiences with his previous film Sicario . Sicario starred Emily Blunt (The Girl on the Train, Edge of Tomorrow), Josh Brolin (W, No Country for Old Men) and Benicio Del Toro (Snatch, The Usual Suspects) in this breakout crime drama. Premiering in 2015, Sicario was nominated for several Academy and BAFTA awards which helped raise the profile of director Denis Villeneuve.

Following the success of Sicario, Denis Villeneuve aims to make a departure from his previous offering. This year, Denis Villeneuve aims to tap into the world of science fiction and tell a tale shrouded in mystery. Simply titled Arrival , the latest film from Dennis Villeneuve establishes a basic premise: extra-terrestrial beings have landed on Earth and their intentions are unknown. With this set up in place, Arrival aims to strap audiences in and gradually unfold the enigmatic narrative as the search for answers begins.

As a collection of unidentified space craft touchdown across the world, it’s up to a handful of specialists to find out what is going on and what this means for humanity. Starring Amy Adams (Man of Steel, Batman V Superman) as Dr Louise Banks, a linguist tasked with establishing a discourse with the foreign spacecraft, she is among the first to join an elite team assembled to investigate these unknown entities. Joining this elite team alongside Dr Louise Banks is mathematician Ian Donnelly, played by Jeremy Renner (The Bourne Legacy, Avengers), and US Army Colonel Weber, played by Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland, The Butler).



With a talented cast assembled, Arrival aims to set itself apart from traditional alien invasion films by presenting a thought-provoking look at the situation. While humans scramble to decipher the alien language of its new visitors, Denis Villeneuve aims to portray a vision of how humans may react in such a situation. This stands opposed to the typical “shoot first, ask questions later” approach audiences often see in science fiction blockbusters of this calibre. In attempting to paint realism into this fictional premise, Denis Villeneuve aims to present a thought-provoking film which prompts many questions, including “How would humanity react if extra-terrestrial beings landed on earth today?”

With its diverse cast of actors, an accomplished director helming the project and an intriguing take on the science fiction genre, Arrival aims to set itself apart from its contemporaries by grounding all these elements in reality. This thoughtful production aims to subvert expectations and captivate the imagination of its audience through its mysterious plot and emotive cast. With this ambitious project, Denis Villeneuve aims to have audiences pondering the nature of this little blue planet and how humanity might handle the first contact with extra-terrestrial life, whenever, and if ever, day arrives.

Arrival aims to release in cinema’s 11th November 2016

How does director Denis Villeneuve aim offer a captivating science fiction film for audiences?


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