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Growing fruit and vegetables may support a healthier lifestyle. credit@ jf-gabnor

It’s the season of summer and there may be an abundance of fruit and vegetables which may be mouth watering right now! In the midst of August, some of the most delicious fruits are raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. This combination may be ideal for a refreshing berry smoothie. Additionally, some of the most flavoursome vegetables at the moment are lettuce, cucumber and carrots. These ingredients may be ideal starting point for a salad dish. These may all be grown in an individual’s back garden.

Having a garden flourishing with produce may be a result to shift the children out of the house. It may be a day well spent without the individual spending any money at all! In the journal of the American Dietetic Association, it states preschool children were more likely to eat five portions and like a variety of the selection. In addition to this, if a child was to provide a helping hand with planting seeds or collecting a harvest they may obtain a healthy supply of vitamin D from the sun. This may be beneficial to the individual and their children as more vitamin D equates to stronger bones.

Another benefit of the individual growing their own food produce it may taste better. Taste may be subjective to the individual’s own opinions yet it may be a valuable concept ‘fresh is better’. One example of this is the spiciness of rocket may be more prominent if it is home grown. Furthermore, it may be stated carrots are sweeter and aubergine skin is sweeter than bitter shop bought ones. However, if an individual’s garden is too small or they want to have a taste test before having the commitment it may be an idea to go to a local small holding which may sell their produce.

Furthermore, it may be important to note the productivity one individual’s garden may contribute to the environment. For shop bought fruit and vegetables, there is a lengthy process which may affect the environment. There is a concept the growing, processing, packaging and transporting of food produce makes up thirty-seven per cent of the Victorian eco footprint. Thus, an individual growing their own fruit and vegetables may be taking the alternative and productive option. It also may be contributing their support to cleansing Britain’s eco footprint.

With enthusiasm it may be possible for the individual to further progress their garden produce pass fruit and vegetables. It may be possible for an individual to have their own pet chickens. Having a chicken coop opens up the possibilities of having fresh eggs for breakfast or possibly even to sell and make a profit from. Another bonus to having pet chickens is they are social creatures  who may enjoy being picked up and stroked. It may be possible via stroking a pet it may  strengthen, stable and smooth one’s mind. Also, returning to what was mentioned earlier, this may be another alternative way to bring the children more involved into their garden. It may be a great experience for them to feed their chickens and help out.

All together these benefits may have the possibility to make a grand impact on the individual’s health and lifestyle. Furthermore, it may have the potential to also impact the environment and their eco footprint. There are so many options for the individual to pick from for what fruit and vegetables they want grown in their garden. From plums and rhubarb to chillies and tomatoes. The Idea of the seed an individual may be thinking to grow, needs its own food produce,  water and a bit of sunlight to be a grand process.

How else may an individual’s garden be a flourishing food source?


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