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Volunteers and members of the emergency services have helped to impact the situation. Credit @RosLehtinen via Twitter.

With Hurricane Irma continuing to impact America and the surrounding islands, there seems to have been an influx of support from people spanning across the globe. With fundraisers and food banks amongst the impactful attempts to assist those affected, it seems the public may be striving to bypass geographical boundaries in order to re-establish their standard of living, and reduce the overall impact of Irma. In a period where nationalistic ideologies seem to have taken precedence, the necessity for these levels of assistance seem to be ever-increasing, and with a number of high profile influencers following suit, and providing relief via both appearances in the areas and with their allocation of troops to help restore order, the globe seems to have united. Whilst the focus may naturally be on those affected, the support showcased may contribute to rapidly restoring the area to its previous state.

The emergency services helping to save lives. Credit

With Irma continuing to generate power, the necessity for a successfully implemented plan may have intensified, and therefore the American influencers seem to have responded. After performing the evacuation of multiple areas, they seem to have showcased their proficiency in protecting the public, and whilst this may enhance their leadership credentials, as they seem to be showcasing key traits required, it seems to have also enabled some of those who may have been potentially affected to distance themselves. Their actions seem to have also enticed former American leaders to involve themselves in the support process, and with the five living presidents all having a vast support network, their speeches, aimed to resonate with the population, may reach a wide breadth of people, and therefore reap further dividends.

The former US Presidents, who united to contribute in assisting those affected. Credit @MkallaWaMwambodze via Facebook.

The situation seems to be at the forefront of priorities most notably due to the wide array of coverage it has received, both on television and through other mediums. With news stations across the globe covering events, including a number of British programmes, there seems to be an overarching desire to reach the widest berth of people possible, and in utilising prime time programmes, such as breakfast shows, to relay the news, the broadcasters may be able to impact a large number of the population. In addition, the news may resonate with these people, most notably in Britain who, after similarly difficult predicaments in Manchester and Westminster, required assistance, and therefore they may be aiming to replicate this support and similarly contribute to the resolve of another complex predicament. With social media, including YouTube videos, also utilised to impact the public, along with the easily accessible tracking of Irma, there seems to be ample coverage for people to study and understand, and for people to check on those involved.

The areas where Irma has impacted. Credit @wikipedia.

A number of nations seem to have united under the common goal of providing relief for those affected, and the actions of the emergency services and armed forces deployed may be the crowning glory of the situation. With the US military spearheading the support network, and assisted by their European counterparts, their efficiency, coupled with their experience in complex predicaments, may place them in superior stead to productively influence the area. These military personnel seem to be contributing to maintenance on the ground after the chaos which has occurred, and with the utilisation of rescue animals, specifically to help sniff out survivors, coupled with helicopters airlifting those who may be in need of assistance, they seem to be playing an integral role in saving lives.

The emergency services on the ground helping to find survivors. Credit

With the events currently ongoing, there still seems to be ample opportunity for people to assist the predicament, and productively impact the situation which, whilst naturally resulting in more of those affected receiving assistance, it may also enable those in other countries to become increasingly grateful due to being safe. This may ultimately lead to a more content globe, and thus whilst the majority of the focus may be placed on those affected, the events becoming placed at the forefront of both global leaders and the population’s focus may showcase how the events have resonated with the globe. With Irma scheduled to continue further along the coast, the unity showcased, coupled with the plans implemented by the American leaders, may contribute to the return to normality.

How may the unity of countries enable further relief to be attained?


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