Love song to the United Kingdom

Long standing immigrant residents in the UK are keen to offer a motivation to think differently about the current prevailing immigration rhetoric from political parties, as they release a heart-felt love song to express their sentiments about the UK’s current immigration dialogue. The song is called, ‘WITH Love 2015 UK’, and stands for ‘Why Is … Read more

All around the world and back

It’s been a massive 25 years since Lisa Stansfield’s song “All Around The World” scored the No. 1 spot in the pop charts, propelling her to instant to global stardom. Yet she says the fame and fortune garnered from selling 20 million records and many prestigious music awards made her “want to run away from … Read more

An idle brain

Researchers at Northwestern University in the US appear to have progressed brain-like’ computing further than ever before. The human brain – thought of as possibly one of the most efficient computers on Earth – was crafted through millions of years of evolution and has served as a benchmark for computing technology. The brain is super-fast, … Read more

The Power of Positive News: Boosting Your Confidence with The Jupital Newspaper

Section 1: Shifting Perceptions, Uplifting Spirits Welcome to The Jupital Newspaper, where we believe in the power of positive news to inspire and uplift. In a world that is often dominated by negative headlines and sensationalism, our aim is to provide a refreshing perspective that leaves our readers feeling more confident and optimistic. At The … Read more