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Kim Jong-un with a number of his colleagues, who may have been integral in the declaration. Credit @tameryazar via Twitter.

Whilst a number of elections across Europe seemed to offer opportunities for different influencers, with ranging political viewpoints, to advance their careers, all seemed to follow a similar theme: prioritising their nation’s interests. With all perhaps having this common denominator, global stability may be affected, with perhaps domestic policy taking precedent.

This seems to be the philosophy adopted by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and whilst he may gain plaudits for his prioritisation of his citizens, he seems to have been met with opposition by other nations. As such, the necessity to appease may have intensified, and in announcing his intention to send the highest-ranking North Korean official in history to their South Korean neighbours, he may have taken strides towards this goal. As such, stability may become a more viable option, and whilst it may be suggested this might be a political manoeuvre by Kim, bringing the matter to the forefront of focus may solely result in beneficial outcomes.

Whilst the visit of North Korean officials may bring focus upon the probable repercussions, and the potential improvement of relationships between the two sides, it may also be important to focus on the status of the team sent.

Spearheaded by Kim Yong-nam, who has experience in meeting with other world leaders, it may increase the credibility of the decision. While focus may be on Yong-nam’s ability to influence foreign officials, it may be the actions of another, Donald Trump, who influenced his leader. This may suggest the effectiveness of Trump’s stance, highlighting the benefits of his tenure as US leader thus far. His attitude and decisions surrounding their missile plan and how to deal with this may have influenced North Korea’s pledge, as they may have been aiming to appeal to the US by adhering to their ideologies. As such, he may have showcased his ability to adapt to particular situations and use them to his advantage, consolidating his position.

Yet, the crowning glory of this debate may be the impact on the citizens of Korea, who may have an increased standard of living as a result of negotiations. With North Korea often noted for their political ideologies surrounding media, and how information may be processed by their citizens, as noted by the 2010 World Cup, exposing them to the rest of the world may draw them level. As such, North Koreans may be able to live in a more content and tolerant society, united under a common cause.

North Korean athletes have been confirmed as uniting with South Korean athletes under a combined flag. Credit @artcube via Twitter.

This may also elevate the importance of the Winter Olympics, as with the visit predominantly surrounding this tournament, the status of the event may be elevated. Considering their decision to combine the two nations in multiple events has already been confirmed, it may be suggested the potential unification of the nations entirely may be approaching. This may be the reasoning behind utilising a major event, which itself boasts a large degree of exposure, as it may act as the catalyst in signalling the benefits of sport. With the debate surrounding Russian athletes perhaps attaining the majority of focus, drawing attention back to the beneficial aspects of the sport, and how it may bypass boundaries in the quest to triumph, may be increasingly pivotal. With this potentially motivating others to follow suit and unite to achieve, the impact on the public may be larger than anticipated.

With a wide array of political debate currently across the globe, including with Brexit, it may be important for nations such as North Korea to show initiative and signal innovation. Whilst unification, and complete equality in this area, may be yet to occur, the groundwork may be being laid, with this, therefore, showcasing the benefits of negotiation and compromise. As such, other similar predicaments may replicate this ideology, and with the debate in Germany resolved decades ago, there may already be a multitude of proof of how resolves may occur. As such, decisions such as these might make sure these events may be left in memory rather than replicated, and for countries including Cyprus, where the unification debate is ongoing, this may be increasingly important.

How might the relationship between both sides of Korea impact global security?


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