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Rakhee offers different Holistic Therapies. Here a Fertility Massage working on the Sacral Illeac is being performed.

As a young child, Rakhee Shah had an interest in hair and beauty. However, coming from a specific cultural background, it was far from accepted, and she ended up venturing to Business Analysis in the IT sector at University. After graduation, Rakhee worked in Corporate Insurance as a BA for seven years.

Upon getting married, Rakhee decided to take up studying holistic therapies to pass the time while her husband was studying for his accountancy exams. Following a two-year period, Rakhee qualified in Reflexology, Holistic massage and Indian Head Massage. She was still working in the city full-time, however, seeing clients on a part-time basis because she enjoyed doing the holistic therapy work.

In 2005, Rakhee and her husband decided to concentrate on having a baby. After a year,nothing happened. Having all the various tests done, they found out they had a male infertility challenge which prevented them from having children naturally. They were referred for IVF.

While on her journey of aiming to conceive, she was growing out of her city job and decided to leave her employment to start her own complementary therapy business called “Have A Massage”. She embraced this decision because she enjoyed working with her clients helping them through their emotional challenges and seeing their relaxed faces after finishing each treatment.

Rakshee is a qualified Fertility Massage and Fertility Reflexology therapist.

A reflexologist friend of Rakhee was also going through her infertility challenges at the same time as Rakhee and her husband and offered to help her conceive with a more natural approach. In February 2007, Rakhee and her husband started a holistic journey seeing an acupuncturist and nutritionist once a week. Nine months passed, and they were unable to conceive, however, the physical changes they both felt in themselves were noticed. For Rakhee, the menstrual cycle and PMS had improved. Along with the food changes coupled with the acupuncture Rakhee saw her periods reduce to six days of bright red bleed along with the mood swings disappearing. She was also looking healthier, and her energy levels had significantly increased.

In Nov 2007, they opted to start the IVF and went privately. Little did she know how challenging a journey this was going to be, and she noticed there were limited people to talk to about her ordeal. They did, however, find complete solace in an online forum, which was Rakhee saviour for any questions she needed to ask.

On Friday 14th Dec 2007 it was test day to see if the IVF had worked and it did. The test and control lines came up, and Rakhee was pregnant. To their surprise, they were pregnant with twins. On 22nd July 2008, their son and daughter were born.

Until 2013, Rakhee continued working at Have A Massage, expanding her knowledge to serve clients better. She took up a nutritional diploma and found healthy nutrition played a vast part in many people’s health challenge. In Sept 2013, Rakhee went on a business coaching program. Many of the colleagues on the course suggested Rakhee focus on the fertility sector because they were able to see the passion in her eyes every time she spoke about it. Rakhee retrained herself in advance therapies to support this.

In Dec 2013, Fertility, Bump and Beyond was found. Rakhee is a qualified Fertility Massage and Fertility Reflexology therapist. Based on Rakhee’s infertility journey, Fertility, Bump and Beyond was created to support couples through their journeys to conceive. Rakhee has a clinic in North London where clients come to Fertility, Bump and Beyond for all sorts of reasons including which limits them from conceiving. At the clinic, such as health, emotional well-being, bowel movements, menstrual habits are looked over along with drinking and eating habits as part of aiming to conceive.

In Dec 2013, Fertility, Bump and Beyond was found

the Jupital had some questions for Rakhee:

the Jupital: How do you feel your education has prepared you to work in this field?
“A combination of educating myself through the various courses I have undertaken and more so the personal experience of going through infertility and IVF has helped me to carry out the work I am presently doing. The emotional challenges of our journey spurred me on to retrain myself in all angles possible provided the vital support we were unable to receive. The different techniques I have learnt over the various years and courses have enabled me to create what I have done today, and it works so well (the results speak for themselves).”

the Jupital: How would you educate diverse cultures, which need more confidence, reassurance and understanding the positive benefits of holistic therapies?
“I am aiming to run various workshops allowing women or couples to come along to see what other options there are to help them conceive naturally or at least get their bodies baby ready. In our clinic, we run workshops on how holistic health benefits all one’s health needs. We have our Winter Health and Well-Being event on 21st November 2017 and all the practitioners who work at Fertility, Bump and Beyond are attending to answer any health-related questions.”

the Jupital: What are you most proud of in your career to date?
“With the support of many influential people in my life, I saw the strength to turn my passion into a career, to become a success, and I did this at aged 36 (so there is always time to start something you love). I enjoy helping all these lovely people who walk through our doors become healthier and happier people, many of whom have continued with the lifestyle changes we set about them.”

Clients are offered a 12-week program to help improve their chances of conception be it naturally or medically assisted. Following the 12-week program, each client feels improved, energetic and becomes a healthier person. Many also reduce their weight due to eating healthy and emotionally detoxing their bodies. Fertility, Bump and Beyond supports clients through their IVF journeys and many IVF cycles have been successful where in the past the conception was a challenge. Rakhee emphasises “ Prepping your body for conception is a must allowing to create a healthy embryo leading to a healthy happy baby.”

Fertility Reflexology – Clearing out the fallopian tubes.

The one thing, which makes Fertility, Bump and Beyond unique from any other clinics is they are multi-discipline in the therapies they offer under the one roof to improve their client’s health. Middle of this year saw the expansion of the clinic to provide extra help in kinesiology, herbal medicine, homeopathy and emotional release therapy. Clients are offered a vast amount of emotional support from the various therapists, which speeds up the healing process. Rakhee is able to empathise with her clients and fully understand all they are going through as she has been through the journey herself.

Fertility, Bump and Beyond is a multi-disciplined clinic specialising in women’s health, however, helping other conditions and ailments. They have therapists qualified in Fertility Massage, Fertility Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Pregnancy Reflexology, Baby Massage, Baby Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Holistic Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Kinesiology, Herbal medicine, Homeopathy and Nutrition.

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How might holistic approaches to alternative medicine lead the way in the future of health care?


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