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Anyone can write poetry! Credit@upnorthgeorgia

By Poppy Chesterman aged 10 years old

Poppy’s Poems

I love writing poems, especially when something has happened in my life to write about. I also enjoy it because I can have the freedom to choose what to write about or what style of writing to do. I became inspired to write poems when I was at school in year 3. I saw a book at school called ‘Lots of Poems.’ The book had 200 pages and I read it in one sitting, as I was so fascinated by all the different poems. I enjoyed writing so much that soon I had enough poems for my mum to make into a little book.

I think my poems have changed a lot from when I started in year 3 to now year 6. Because in those three years I have learnt new skills and I have new experiences to write about. My style of writing, as shown below, rhymes. In my opinion rhyming makes my writing much more interesting and creative. The main attraction for me of writing poetry is that it is a way of sharing your feelings and emotions. They can just be yours or available to share with the world.

Each day I try and fit in time to write; before bed, at school or even while eating dinner, I am always writing. Over the years lots of the things I have seen inspired me to write. One night I could spy the moon and the stars through my window, so I wrote about that. One of my friends said that they were too different and I said: “It’s good to be different and unique, so I wrote about that.” I enjoy watching people read my poems and seeing their reactions and comments. In the future I think I will continue to use poetry to share my thoughts. I hope that you enjoy reading a few of my poems.


Why do people dream of being the same?

Is there such a thing as normal or “just like us?”

When really they are unique, different

Why do you say “when I grow up I want to be”

When you can be happy with your originality?

Confident, shy?

Looking in the mirror then heaving a sigh

Be yourself

Be unique

Be you

I wrote this poem for people to read and think about what it is to be “normal.”

Tiny things

One action can make a change to others’ future

Even if it is unable to affect you

These issues we can still nurture

That tiny thing

Like throwing a wrapper in a bin

Turning the light off after a hard day’s work

Adding a penny to the charity cup

That tiny thing

It may be unnoticeable, however, can lead to big things incredible

I wrote this poem because a tiny thing like putting 10p into a charity cup can add up to helping a life, or maybe even saving one. Instead of turning away, we should all do tiny things to build up to the big things.


I love the sound of the trees rustling in the night

The sound of music playing for delight

The fact that the street lights far from work

and it’s always dim and cold within

I love the sound of the ice cream van, with its siren whirring away

And the sound of crunched up wrapping paper when it’s my special day

I wrote this poem because there are so many different sounds around us. You can add so much description to them, so that they lead to a variety of memories.

Up Above

Stars in the sky shining up above are eyes, like the best friend of the moon

That’s pearl white, like a balloon,

Like a bouncing ball that’s been transformed into the sky

That people may sigh, and say that the moon and the stars

Congratulate us into the future and the past

I wrote this poem because I wanted to challenge myself and I just wrote what came to mind at that time.

Have you written a poem, if so leave your poem below! 


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