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Earlier this year the Pokemon franchise celebrated its 20th anniversary , an achievement which may have strengthened the series place in pop culture. Starting in 1996, the Pokemon series began life as a Game Boy game, which launched in Japan. These first games were simply titled “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Green” and marked the start of the first generation of Pokemon. As Pokemon grew in popularity the series eventually made its way to television and has also generated a trading card game, two Pokemon mediums which may continue to attract new fans with each generation.

As the Pokemon series to continued to evolve, it saw itself adapted into several games, each expanding the roster of pocket monsters, and a line of mechanise which may prominently featured the series mascot, Pikachu. This yellow electric type pocket monster may have been around since the series inception and seems to be the most recognisable Pokemon in the series. From the Game Boy to the GameCube, the Pokemon series has expanded over the years and may have seen numerous iterations and adaptations across several consoles. Whether taking playing the traditional role-playing game or a pinball version of the series, Pokemon games may have seen an assortment of forms.



However, 2016 marked the first time a Pokemon game was released for Android and iOS mobile phone devices. Produced for smartphone devices, and from developer Niantic Inc, Pokemon Go allowed players to use augmented reality and GPS to explore real world environments and capture Pokemon in the in real life. This revolutionary concept tracked players location required them to physically travel to different places to hunt for new Pokemon. Pokemon Go may have been a worldwide phenomenon as it was made available in over 90 countries and managed to achieve over 500 million downloads.

Following these figures may prove a challenging act to follow, yet the Pokemon company aim to do this with their latest release. Titled Pokemon Sun and Moon, this newest role-playing game in the series release aims to find its home on the Nintendo 3DS platform. With Pokemon Sun and Moon, the developers aim to introduce players to the new Alola Region, a tropical setting made up of four unique islands. In both Sun and Moon respectively, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon each present a gameplay change where both titles are set 12 hours apart. This means players of Sun and Moon may experience different Pokemon, a feature which might promote unique Pokemon collections among players.



Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon aim to expand the roster of pocket monsters to over 700 interactive creatures. Spanning the 20 years of the series, Pokemon Sun and Moon aim to pay homage to the classic pocket monsters while introducing several new Pokemon iterations, including brand new Alola forms, new Pokemon forms which are specific to the Alola region.

By introducing players to a new location with an all-new story, Pokemon Sun and Moon aim to rekindle the adventure and awe of being a Pokemon trainer. With improved 3D graphics and new Pokemon to collect, Pokemon Sun and Moon aims to introduce a new generation to the role playing series while retaining the core mechanics and accessibility of its predecessor.

Pokemon Sun and Moon aims to release on 23th November 2016.

How might Pokemon Sun and Moon aim to reinvigorate the series with this latest release?


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