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Dismaland aims to help house hundreds of refugees.Dismaland Sign.Credit@FlickrUserKathrynYengel

Many people might have heard of the artistic phenomenon ‘Dismaland’, the activist pop up amusement park created by the world renowned graffiti artist, Banksy. The park contained unique pieces from over 50 other independent artists all of whom worked together to create something that aimed to remain in the public’s minds for years to come. In recent weeks it has been located on the seafront of Weston-Super-Mare, however the exceptionally popular park was only meant to be temporary and on September 27th 2015, it opened to the public for the final time.

In most recent news, the Dismaland website stated “Coming soon….Dismaland Calais”. Later on more statements were released to the press inciting that the timber and framework for the park was going to be shipped to Calais, France to build more shelters for the refugees that currently reside there in the makeshift ‘Jungle refugee camp’.

Since these statements were released, the website has closed down, adding more intrigue to the next stages of Dismaland. Calais seems to currently be one of the ideal places in Europe for refugees – it’s situated at the French entrance to the Euro Tunnel, something a lot of refugees that have made it to Calais have aimed to travel to the UK through. Since this route of access to the UK has been cordoned, many migrants have settled down in the camp known as ‘The New Jungle’ as the original jungle camp was taken away. Over 5,000 refugees may inhabit it with new refugees arriving every day. The conditions of the camp might improve and with the support of Dismalands timber, a small town may emerge for the migrants.



Since the announcements, multiple media platforms have aimed to spread the news. Banksy’s involvement may have inspired many people to become involved in their own way for the charitable cause. The statements might have helped accumulate more fans for the ever-popular artist who is well known for his morally inspiring artworks.

Banksy being well known to the media, may be considered to have a celebrity status even though very few know of his real identity. Be that as it may, Banksy might be in a position of power to persuade other influential capacities, for example the British government. This may motivate significant members to do more for the camp in Calais in a lead by example situation.

The new declaration may have inspired many different types of media platforms to expand on the subject, Youtubers might have taken the news and created multiple different artistic videos on the subject, aiming to spread awareness of Banksy’s cause and the situation in Calais. Others might well have written about the subject both on journalistic platforms and fictional ones. Artists might be influenced by their idol for their own artistic purposes, both expanding their own talents and encouraging more conversation on the topic. It seems that the general reception to the incentive has been productive and seems to have roused the public to become more educated on the Calais situation and how they may personally be supportive. It might have added to Banksy’s unique claim to fame and encouraged the inspiring artist to continue with his unconventional works.

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How might Banksy’s decision on the usage of Dismaland support the refugees that are coming over from Calais?


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