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Worlds other than theses

Stephen King may be known as a multi-award winning American author with several notable titles in his bibliography, over 50 published titles    ... more

A cybernetic enhancement

Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese Manga series from writer and illustrator Shirow Masamune depicting a future where technological growth    ... more

A peculiar adaptation

When something stands out from the norm, distinct in its mannerisms or behaviour, one might use the word peculiar to describe    ... more

Understanding motherhood

Lenny Abrahamson, an Irish independent filmmaker, explores in the newly released film ‘Room’ a humanistic portrayal of the real life story    ... more

Evolutionary prosperity

The success of insects has been the focus of a study, which highlights physiological processes within insects which may have led    ... more

A twist on the moors

Adaptations of literary classics, be they movies, or live performances, may allow readers to feel closer to the characters within the    ... more