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Shape shifting enzymes

New research suggests an anti-HIV drug may treat Alzheimer’s by influencing the action of particular enzymes involved in cholesterol clearance. Researchers    ... more

A corresponding condition

A new study into the alzheimer’s condition may have discovered a new possible source; fungi. Observations by neuroscientists suggests a high    ... more

Refreshing the memory

According to new research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), memories that have “vanished” through amnesia might now possibly be restored.    ... more

“Goddess of fate” gene shows Alzheimer’s potential

Getting older and cognitive function go hand in hand: our brain’s capacity to absorb knowledge and create new ideas, develops over    ... more

Testing for future brain health

A team of researchers at Georgetown University, Washington DC, have discovered the world’s first blood test to predict Alzheimer’s. By determining    ... more

A plan of action

The UK government has announced funding into dementia research may be doubled over the next 12 years as it aims to    ... more