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An injection of life

The benefit of a diverse diet may be explained by the variety of bacteria species an individual possesses. The diversity of    ... more

A small world

Researchers from the U.S. at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California captured the first high-resolution microscopy images    ... more

The path of least resistance

The first new antibiotic to be discovered in 30 years was recently unearthed by an international team of scientists. It has    ... more

Under alien ice

Is there life elsewhere in the universe? This is a question which has inspired generations of imaginations as they gaze into    ... more

Red wine for white teeth?

Is there anything more blissful than the sound of red wine glugging into the bottom of a wine glass? The first    ... more

The cure is blue

They are the ingredient to America’s most popular muffin. They are a powerful antioxidant. They contain anthocyanin, a chemical that can    ... more

The shape of things to come

All the devices used every day are made up of electronic components. Semiconductors and wiring and other electrical mechanisms enable modern    ... more

Studies shed light on bacterial treatments

Antibiotic resistance is becoming a major asset for many bacterial strains known to man, leaving those in medical and biological sciences    ... more

New protein discovered with antibiotic-like properties

Since the discovery of antibiotics by Alexander Fleming in 1928, we have strived to maintain a clean and bacteria free environment.    ... more

Surviving cancer

Commensal bacteria make up part of the human microbiome: a population of microorganisms residing on or in skin, mouths and intestines,    ... more