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Derived rights

Based on a recent ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), a third-country national may, as the parent of a minor    ... more

A super-food medicine

Scaling the terrains of South-East Asia, the root, turmeric (or haldi), has been used in pastes, desserts, dishes and juices. Hailed    ... more

Ballooning economic employment

Compared to last year, nearly a million more people are in work, making the employment rate the highest ever recorded, new    ... more

New leaps for mental health support

Society has become much more informed about mental health challenges in recent years. This has been aided by celebrities drawing awareness    ... more

Getting Britain back to work

News of the widely-condemned benefit cap that was applied to four London boroughs on Monday has already begun motivating Britons back    ... more

Community spirit remains strong and reflective a year later in the wake of the Derby house fire

The events of 11th May 2012 devastated the nation, as a house fire tragically took the lives of six children in    ... more