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Following Fidel

On Friday, 25th of November, President Raúl Castro of Cuba announced his elder brother and predecessor to the title, Fidel Castro,    ... more

Following the rhythm of salsa

In March 2016, Barack Obama made a historic trip to Cuba, being the first US president to visit the country since    ... more

Pearl of the Antilles

Last week, Cuba came into the spotlight following a historic visit from President Obama, the first President of the United States    ... more

Involving different voices

For the first time in decades, Cuba’s municipal elections have involved two opposition candidates. In what has been seen as an    ... more

An improving relationship

US President Barack Obama has met with Cuban President Raul Castro in what is seen as a key step in the    ... more

Vatican revolutionises into 2015

Pope Francis highlighted the challenges that the Vatican faces in the future, having experienced the internal workings of the Church in    ... more