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Music matters

Research into music therapy may have revealed a healing effect in many conditions which now may be extensively verified. How the    ... more

A corresponding condition

A new study into the alzheimer’s condition may have discovered a new possible source; fungi. Observations by neuroscientists suggests a high    ... more

Revealing evidence in research promotes future treatments

The progress on researching dementia and understanding ways people may reduce their chances of developing dementia has increased in just recent    ... more

Improved research resources

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that more than £300m is going to be spent on research into dementia. The Prime    ... more

Testing for future brain health

A team of researchers at Georgetown University, Washington DC, have discovered the world’s first blood test to predict Alzheimer’s. By determining    ... more

NHS develop dementia investment plan

NHS England will invest £90 million to towards their aim of diagnosing two thirds of people with dementia by March 2015.    ... more

A plan of action

The UK government has announced funding into dementia research may be doubled over the next 12 years as it aims to    ... more

A second language to live longer?

Today, speaking two or more languages may be a relatively normal occurrence. Now business owners, explorers and even the average student    ... more