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Bringing energy into performance

According to research carried out by Leeds Beckett University, children who take part in lessons, which include physical activity, show an increase    ... more

Securing schooling

On Sunday, Justice Secretary Elizabeth Truss announced her ambitions for reforming the education system for young felons, which seemed to have    ... more

Learning the art of stillness

Meditation classes have been introduced into student timetables in Berkshire, the mindfulness in school’s campaign aims to increase the wellbeing of    ... more

Reestablishing normality

Thousands of schools have begun to reopen in Nepal following April’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake, with many of the schools having been    ... more

British food philosophy

The Prime Minister has announced that from 2017, all of central government will commit to buying fresh, locally sourced, seasonal food,    ... more

Sugary snacks, a thing of the past?

As soon as that bell rings, kids scramble from their chairs in a frantic stampede of screams and excitement. The race    ... more

We need more schools please, Mr. Prime Minister!

By Yasmin Giannini,  (age 8 ) I’m eight years old and I love going to my school in London.  But I’ve    ... more

‘Troops to Teachers’

A scheme titled ‘Troops to Teachers’ has been launched by the Government, in which former personnel of the AF are being    ... more