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Teaming up with nature

When it comes to the energy market, proactive businesses seem to embrace a future-proofing approach by exploring innovative renewable energy sources.    ... more

A brewing Caledonian itinerary

Hilly Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, has a medieval town and a modern Georgian new town, together listed as UNESCO World Heritage site.    ... more

Atmospheric processions of light

New Year’s celebrations all over the world may be often accompanied with fireworks displays in many of the large cities such    ... more

Personalised governance

Last week the Queen’s Speech outlined the Conservative government’s priorities, including a push for increased devolution in areas of the United    ... more

The electorate’s choice

David Cameron is to remain as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom following the Conservative’s majority of 331 seats. The results    ... more

Key early general election campaigning

The NHS and public spending appear to be two key topics that political parties in the UK are raising during campaigning    ... more

Announcement may embody shift in UK politics

Alex Salmond, the former leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland, has announced his intention to stand for a    ... more

Young centurion sets benchmark for future success

Domestic competitions were replaced by international duties across Europe this week where England embarked on their France 2016 European qualifying campaign.    ... more

A festive homecoming

2014 has marked a year of homecoming for Scotland. The country’s busy one year programme of events has seen them take    ... more

UK economic unionism

An analysis, released by the UK Treasury, has suggested that Scotland’s economic performance is stronger because it is part of the    ... more

The enchanting creature

By Anna Salmon, aged 7 years old Loch is the Scottish word for lake and Loch Ness is the biggest freshwater lake    ... more

Eagerly awaiting independency

By Shivani Handa, aged 12 years old Recently the news has been focused on one very important topic that might change    ... more

Democratic evolution in UK governance

This Thursday Scotland aims to cast a vote for independence moving away from the United Kingdom and forward into its own    ... more

The black and white of conservation

Edinburgh Zoo announced earlier this month that Tian Tian, their prized giant panda, was likely to give birth at the end    ... more

The friendly city welcomes the world

Currently, the eyes of the world are on Glasgow as it hosts the 20th Commonwealth Games. Nicknamed the friendly city, Glasgow    ... more

Former tennis star can echo another’s perseverance

Elena Baltacha, former British Number one last week was diagnosed with liver cancer. Yet with strong inner strength, she has become    ... more

Nations prepare for tournament return

The RBS Six Nations Championship begins shortly, and the competing nations last week confirmed their squads for the upcoming tournament. The    ... more