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Speaking of Ukraine

As the political stability and territorial integrity of Ukraine continue to be an active topic for a third year running, some    ... more

Jewel of the East

Ukraine has won the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time in ten years. At the event in Stockholm on Saturday    ... more

A delicate truce

The withdrawal of weapons from the frontline by the Ukrainian Army in the East has boosted the outlook for a lasting    ... more

Opportunity for reform

Greece has agreed to submit a preliminary list of economic reforms to its creditors for this morning which may form the    ... more

Plan for reconciliation

The leaders of France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia may meet in Belarus’s capital Minsk to discuss a peace plan for Eastern    ... more

Vatican revolutionises into 2015

Pope Francis highlighted the challenges that the Vatican faces in the future, having experienced the internal workings of the Church in    ... more

The city of legend

According to the Orthodox Legend, the 400 year old prophecy of the Apostle Saint Andrew was fulfilled through four siblings of    ... more

The European Union: a guardian for human rights

The European Union may be one of the true safeguards of our democracy. It may be hailed as an example that    ... more

Discovering hidden beauty

Made up of largely under-visited towns and cities and huge areas of under-traveled countryside, Ukraine may be often described as a    ... more

Administrative and economical transformation

Ukraine’s new president, Petro Poroshenko, has vowed to make his first goal in office to bring the unrest in the east    ... more

Former tennis star can echo another’s perseverance

Elena Baltacha, former British Number one last week was diagnosed with liver cancer. Yet with strong inner strength, she has become    ... more