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The story of Android 2B takes centre stage in Platinum Game's latest adventure, Nier Automata Credit@PlatinumGames Inc.

The medium of video games might capture the imagination of players through the worlds they might explore, the characters they meet or the call to adventure and the tales, which unfold. When done well, this mix of elements may serve to bolster the experience players might have. Whether this experience takes the form of an open-world role-playing title or an action-packed adventure, each game may fall within a certain genre. Yet there are some titles, which may adopt characteristics from several genres. Developer Platinum Games returns to produce Nier Automata, a title which aims to overlap genres, test boundaries and produce a hybrid experience for players to engage with.

With the release of Nier Automata, Platinum Games seems to have produced a hybrid-genre title which aims amalgamates a number of styles and present something entirely original. Nier Automata aims to achieve this blend styles by adopting tropes seen in 2D side-scrollers, old school top down action games and more packaged into a single game. Platinum Games are a Japanese development studio, which have previously released several titles over the years, including Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising. Each title released seemed to feature a nimble protagonist, capable of performing acrobatic action-moves with ease, an element which seems to be a trademark of Platinum Games.

2B and her companion 9S explore the open-world of Nier Automata Credit@PlatinumGames Inc.

2B and her companion 9S explore the open-world of Nier Automata Credit@PlatinumGames Inc.

This multi-genre title aims to unfold its story through the perspective of its protagonist, an android named 2B. In a future where humanity lives on the moon, players unravel the mysteries in the world Platinum Games have crafted. It seems agile and players may find themselves dodging, jumping and performing impressive feats of dexterity as they explore this new environment. The range of 2B’s techniques is also upgradable and Nier Automata aims to take advantage of this by providing players with a dynamic system for augmenting abilities. This seems to play into the role-playing aspects of the game as players carefully tailor 2B’s abilities to suit their play-style.

Platinum Games aims to tell a new story with Nier Automata, set in the distant future, filled with machines, androids, and futuristic technology. The world of Nier Automata seems to suit its dystopian narrative and Platinum Games have packed it with activities to participate in. Players might find themselves engaging with machines, androids other advanced technology as they make their way through the world of Nier Automata. With this mysterious world which draws players in with its unique narrative, distinct visuals, and responsive gameplay. Aside from engaging in primary missions, there seems to be a host of side-mission and alternative quests to complete which fill Nier Automata’s world with activities to participate in. As players progress the narrative, each step of the way might provide an engaging challenge and rewarding system.

2B is able to perform a range of moves and her abilities are also upgradable Credit@PlatinumGames Inc.

2B is able to perform a range of moves and her abilities are also upgradable Credit@PlatinumGames Inc.

When traversing the world, the camera may revolve around 2B or, at times, take on an entirely new perspective. The hybrid-genre aspect may be most apparent as the camera shifts perspective while players navigate the world; at times fluidly transitioning to give the gameplay a 3D perspective and at others transitioning into 2D to give players a side-scrolling experience. This mechanic means Nier Automata might provide a variety of action sequences and ways for players to experience them. This variety of gameplay and responsive gameplay mechanics may allow Platinum Games to craft a dynamic experience. The changing perspective of Nier Automata might engage players as Platinum Games aims to provide a constantly evolving interactive experience. With NierAutomata Platinum Games have set out to produce a frenetic action title, with a fresh narrative which blends a host of gameplay styles into a single title. Nier Automata aims to be an accessible, multi-genre adventure where players may perform stylish moves with ease as they explore the detailed world Platinum Games have created.

How does Platinum Games aim to offer a distinct action-adventure experience with Nier Automata?


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