We need more schools please, Mr. Prime Minister!

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We need more schools please!

By Yasmin Giannini,  (age 8 )

I’m eight years old and I love going to my school in London.  But I’ve been told that our school might double in size very soon because London is inundated with more children than there are space at schools. Our teachers and parents are talking about it a lot, but nobody seems to be bothered about what us children think – nobody’s asked what we want.

I think our school is like most other schools, it has two classes in each year and we mix together in lessons and ability groups.  We also have some really fantastic sports days and end of year plays and every week we come together as a whole school to share assemblies.  My little brother is only five and he’s in Reception.  When he first started school he was very shy, so I used to look after him at lunch time and open his sandwich box for him and tell off the other children who pushed my brother off of his chair.

But I’m worried that all of this will disappear if our school doubles in size.  The juniors will be sent to a different building on the other side of the road, so I won’t get to see my brother any more and I’m worried that I won’t be able to help him at lunchtimes.  How will we all be able to share assemblies together if there are twice as many children to squeeze into the hall?  I don’t think assemblies will happen any more either.  Plus sports days, what will happen to them, will we have to have separate junior and infant sports days – so I’ll never get to see my brother running?

My friends and I have talked about this a lot to each other and we’re all very worried, but none of the adults have asked how we feel.  I do understand that every child in the UK needs to go to school, but please don’t take away all the things about school that we really love.  If the government just doubles the size of schools There will be too many children and that will disrupt the pleasurable experience we get at school.

I think it would be much better if you left our school alone and just built a brand new one for all the children who don’t have places.  That would make more sense than increasing the size if our school, adding twice as many children and splitting us up into juniors and infants.

Please Mr Prime Minister, can you talk to the CHILDREN about how they feel before you make our schools bigger?  If we have to come to school everyday then I think you should listen to what we have to say!


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