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Vivienne Harr is making a difference with her Make a Stand Lemon Aid "Hope in a Bottle" Creative Commons

Book review by Nikiya Cooper, aged 8

This book is wonderful, inspirational and interactive . I’m sure everyone would love it.

It is the autobiography of a nine year old girl who’s name is Vivienne Harr. She make a difference to others with the support of her family (mother, father, little brother and their dog). The idea came to her when she saw a picture of two children in child slavery. They had great slabs of rocks tied to their heads and had to work very hard so their family’s could eat .  She looked at that picture and decided she would END child slavery. She told many people about her idea, you know what they told her back? ‘ That is a great challenge ‘ She just asked ‘why?’ That one word along with persistence, belief and her family is the reason she wanted to support this cause. How did she do it? She decided to make a stand, a lemonade stand to be exact.

She told her parents and they said “That’s a great idea.” Every day she went out and sold lemonade and every day she made a stand. At first she charged two dollars a cup then she started thinking ‘ What if people paid what’s in their heart?” One man paid ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY dollars, for just one CUP!  That is a wonderful and caring man.

Toan Lam, Alexandra Harr, Vivienne Harr, Jen Schumacher. Photo- Toan Lam

Toan Lam, Alexandra Harr, Vivienne Harr, Jen Schumacher. Photo- Toan Lam

She worked hard for a long time, so much so that she even raised money to help families, following a tornado in her home country, the USA . In addition with helping children in child slavery, she also helped people rebuild and restore their homes. What a lovely girl. She went on to sing in Times Square.  She followed her dreams and it paid off. A nine year old sang in Times Square in New York. I believe that is a very big deal and it was very brave of her to do so. She also won a global peace prize, a reward you get for doing major good in the world.

She has been on many talk shows and is now famous, which only made her more determined. She stayed true and stuck to her goal to raise 100,000 dollars to overcome child slavery.  Even though she became famous, all the time she was working hard to end child slavery. That’s what was in her heart. It was done out of love and passion and the two is what kept her going.  She went on never giving up even after all those people kept telling her “It would be too much of a challenge.”

Some of the things we should take from this book is she decided she would end child slavery. She was determined too see it through and ran all the way to the finish. It was people who questioned whether she could do it that got her were she is now, at the top of the good chain. That is very good work from a child of her age.  She stuck to her goal, inspired many and created a charity. We could all learn a lot from her and adopt a positive mental attitude to work toward doing good.

Vivienne Harr's book Make a Stand

Vivienne Harr’s book Make a Stand

There’s one other thing you need to know. At the end of the book she raised $100,000 dollars. Her mum thought that she had finished because she had reached the goal she had set out for herself. Although she had raised enough money the girl asked “Is child slavery done?” Her mum told her “ There’s still much to do” so she carried on. Now she has a branch of bottled lemon-aid and all the money goes to charity.

Published by New York-based publishing company Chocolate Sauce,  “Make a Stand” is a storybook on a mission to empowering children around the globe to ” make a stand  ” for what they believe in. The book can be found at www.chocolatesaucebooks.com

What can you do to make a difference to the world?


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