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Working together with friends may get more done! Credit@MJI Photos

By Poppy Chesterman, aged 10 years old.

I enjoy working with my friends and others because then you can share that feeling of achievement. Also, when you have achieved what you wanted, you can then share that finished product with your friends. The first time I worked with friends was when we started selling things that we made outside my house. We have done this every summer now for three years. Nearly every Monday we made cakes and squashed fresh orange juice to sell to neighbours. We planned what to make, bought the ingredients together, set the price and worked together to prepare the product. We then made posters together and put them up around our local street.

One time my friend and I made banoffee with big, hard bits of thick, sticky, creamy toffee. It was so delicious! We had to control ourselves to avoid eating it all before we were ready to sell it. We knocked on our neighbours’ doors, seeing if they wanted to buy any of it. Everybody was so friendly and it was a great way to get to know all the people who lived near us. Even when we spilled a full tray of ice cream on a lady’s doorstep she was so nice. We said she could have one for free, however, she kindly gave us the money anyway. I was so pleased that my friends were there to give me the confidence to get to know my neighbours so well. I now have a lot of people I can say hello to when I am out and about.

Another time I worked as part of a team was last year when we set up a Christmas tree club at school. My friend’s dad led this project. We had to create a budget spreadsheet and discuss marketing and pricing plans. We then created posters and ordered forms for people to buy the Christmas trees. We each had different skills, which helped us to work well together as a group. I think I was good at the pricing and marketing part. We spent one Saturday morning selling the trees outside our school. Some of my friends were really confident and would talk to people passing by, trying to sell them a tree. Others were good at sorting out the money. We all had different things that helped us to make lots of money for the school and have fun as well. I also learnt a lot about myself and what I am good at.

Each week at school we have homework and each term we have long-term homework. We can choose to do the long-term homework on our own or with others. I always choose to do it with my friends, as it gives me more confidence. This term I am working with four of my friends. Our task is to recreate a Shakespeare play for children. We are recreating Twelfth Night and so far have written the script. We are planning to go to a local country park to film it in a couple of weeks. I am playing the role of two boys, so the costumes are a bit weird. Yet I am still having such fun doing it with my friends.

I enjoy working with other people so much. I feel that it has helped me with my negotiating skills and also taught me how to compromise, so that the task is completed well. Working with others has helped me to build confidence in many areas of my life and achieve things that I have really enjoyed.

What other productive outcomes can be achieved when you work with others?


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