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This week, prolific developers Blizzard Entertainment aim to return to their longer running multiplayer RPG, World of Warcraft. Blizzard Entertainment may have first released World of Warcraft over a decade ago, however, it seems this franchise may continue to entertain PC gamers worldwide. The World of Warcraft is a role playing game which invites players to immerse themselves in a rich fantasy world full of lore. Players begin their journey into the World of Warcraft by selecting an avatar, an avatar which may take on a variety of forms. These include the ability to select either a spell casting mage or a warrior and numerous others types in-between.

The allure of World of Warcraft may stem from each player’s avatar and the way in which they might inhabit and navigate this virtual realm. Having selected their avatar, players may soon find themselves immersed in a number of diverse quests, each with their own enthralling tale which may serve to further engross players. As players continue to explore the world Blizzard Entertainment have crafted, the core role-playing game mechanics, and the complexity behind them, may gradually begin to show.

Exploring the World of Warcraft through their chosen avatar, players begin to develop their character through complex skill trees. As a character’s level increases these skill trees offer a repertoire of abilities to select and master as the tools available to the player naturally increase. Players are also offered the option to link up with the avatars of other players in a way, which may allow multiple gamers to join together to complete objectives and tackle challenging missions together. It may be this close relationship between avatar growth, skill mastery and the vibrant World of Warcraft which may have allowed it to stand the test of time.

Credit @BlizzardEntertainment.WorldOfWarcraft

Credit @BlizzardEntertainment.WorldOfWarcraft

Complementing the mechanics, which may serve to draw players in, Blizzard Entertainment aims to have a dedicated approach to releasing regular content for World of Warcraft. To date, development studio Blizzard Entertainment has managed to successfully release five expansions, with the sixth, and latest release being titled ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’. Each expansion released for World of Warcraft aims to expand upon the core game, introducing a wealth of new features and further increasing the scope of the world.

With World of Warcraft: Legion inbound, the studio aims to further expand upon the current iteration of the game. Set in the fiction world of Azeroth , this latest expansion aims to introduce new areas for players to explore, increasing the landscape of the World of Warcraft even further. With the Legion expansion, each new area available may offer unique local resident characters and challenging quests to undertake. Blizzard Entertainment also aims to introduce a wealth of new rare items for players to earn and discover, allowing gamers to expand the experience of their existing characters. Among the newly introduced features, Blizzard aims to raise the level cap to level 110, further increasing the maximum ceiling for players. This raised level ceiling may allow further room for players to develop their characters as they evolve their skill tree.

With World of Warcraft: Legion, Blizzard Entertainment aims to use this newest expansion to introduce a number of new features to gamers. With new quests, items and story arc, World of Warcraft: Legion aims to expand upon the diverse legacy of this series. With a whole new story, classes and abilities being introduced, Blizzard Entertainment aims to make World of Warcraft increasingly appealing to new and existing gamers.

How might the release of World of Warcraft: Legion revive interest in a title released over decade ago?


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