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A few of the recruitable characters from Fire Emblem Heroes credit@Nintendo

Nintendo returns to announce their tactical role-playing series, Fire Emblem, aims to make its way to smartphones this month. As Nintendo prepare to release their third mobile app for smartphones, this marks the latest in a string of mobile app releases from the Japanese company. Following in the footsteps of Nintendo’s previous release, the side-scrolling Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes is the most recent franchise to be adapted for smartphones. An attribute each entry to the Fire Emblem series seems to share might be their strategic turn-based gameplay, this element seems to be one Nintendo aims to adapt for this mobile version of the series. To continue the legacy of Fire Emblem and mold the series to fit a new platform, Fire Emblem Heroes offers a new narrative, maps and gameplay controls which take advantage of smartphone touch controls.

Setting the stage for Fire Emblem Heroes is a narrative, which aims to see the player take centre stage and tactically manoeuvre within this fantasy world. The premise for Fire Emblem Heroes centres around the Emblian Empire and Askran Empire, as these two kingdoms contend for supremacy. The player’s role in this altercation is to take up the mantle of a summoner, an individual with the ability to call upon heroes from across the Fire Emblem series. As a summoner, players are tasked with recruiting Fire Emblem heroes from worlds which span the breadth of the series, training and tactically deploying units to change the tide of each encounter. This ability to summon heroes from the history of the Fire Emblem series means several heroes from the franchise may make an appearance.

Fire Emblem Heroes features tactical role playing gameplay elements. credit@Nintendo

Fire Emblem Heroes features tactical role playing gameplay elements. credit@Nintendo

Players may find themselves allied with Marth, the Prince of Altea, or Robin, a Ylissian tactician, as they recruit allies to join their cause. With this premise and gameplay mechanic in motion, players are set on a path of adventure. As more heroes are recruited, Fire Emblem Heroes aims to present a role-playing game which offers a mix of tactical elements. As players encounter new situations and allies, the “Order of Heroes” gradually begins to take shape. As players explore the kingdoms of Fire Emblem Heroes, they may encounter knights, mages and even dragons of varying shapes and sizes, each offering new skills and tactical attributes; some of these characters may be recruited as the player is presented with opportunities to forge friendships and faithful allies.

Beyond the main story mode, which centres on the two previously mentioned kingdoms, players are offered the choice to engage in a variety of modes. These additional modes might offer the player the opportunity to strengthen their Order of Heroes, challenge other players, and more. The tactical role-playing elements of Fire Emblem Heroes offer bite-sized maps, designed fit smartphone screens, allowing for short burst play sessions. As each player expands their Order of Heroes expands, they may soon find themselves managing a combination of special moves, customising characters and creating an optimised team. This colourful cast of characters seems to each have a unique personality as players encounter princess and princesses from across the series. Fire Emblem Heroes has been presented for smartphones and each of the heroes have been newly hand-drawn by a variety of illustrators, and their voices also newly recorded.

Players may tailor there team to their liking. credit@Nintendo

Players may tailor there team to their liking. credit@Nintendo

Fire Emblem Heroes aims to draw from the franchises colourfully designed characters and years of series lore to present an accessible and unique game for smartphone owners. Nintendo aims to make Fire Emblem Heroes a free app for smartphone users to download and have announced they aim to support the app with free updates, which may add new characters and content for additional hours of gameplay. Fire Emblem Heroes may be the first Fire Emblem game created and released for smartphones.

Fire Emblem Heroes aims to release on 2nd February 2017 for iOS and Android.

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