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Kim educates others of the importance of how one is able to improve their health.

Kim Jones’s belief is “what we eat changes everything and health is the most natural state of our body at any age.” It was at a stage in Kim’s life where she was dealing with insomnia, unhealthy body concerns, challenged with cystic acne, and repeatedly dealing with colds and flues. Doctors advised her this was part of ageing and normal to deal with. They offered to prescribe prescription drugs for relief. However, with many side effects. 

Kim decided this approach was far from in alignment with her. She needed to cure her health in the most positive way. Retirement was approaching Kim as well and she was keen to have the freedom to do what she wanted, go where she wanted, whenever she wanted rather than dealing with medical conditions. 

Discovering the impact of food on health and emotional well-being was a new concept for Kim. After researching ways to heal naturally she learned, she discovered she was passionate about helping others achieve a healthy life so decided it was time to receive a more formal education regarding the effects of food on the body.  After her training and education on the subject, she received a certification in Integrative Nutrition Coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition of New York. 

Kim organises one-on-one sessions.

Kim found “Nourish Your Healthy Life” business 3.5 years ago. Nourish Your Healthy Life is the name of the company, however, for Kim, it’s a way of truly living. Kim believes when one has a healthy life, one has everything. Kim empowers and educates her clients to choose and use the healthiest, most nutritious foods for their bodies and lifestyles. New knowledge and confidence in healthy choices create a ripple effect of health within the one community of family and friends.

Located in Canyon Country, California, about 25 miles North of Los Angeles, Kim offers one-on-one sessions as well as group coaching. Sessions are conducted via phone or Skype. All client programs begin with a goal discovery session. This in-depth session is intended to help clients uncover why they want to achieve their goals. Without knowing why it may be challenging to make improvements and sustainable changes in nutrition, habits and lifestyle. “Why” motivates all decisions and action allows clients to achieve much greater success when they have discovered their way.

The next step is 3-5 day detox cleanse to help clear the system of toxins and prepare it for healthy nutrition. This may be with vegetable juicing or green smoothies. An elimination diet is beneficial following a detox cleanse to determine the foods best suited for a client. Eliminating the most common trigger foods causing digestive challenges and nutritional deficits. Each program is tailored to each client’s specific needs, food sensitivities/allergies, goals and lifestyle. It’s important to meet a client where they are rather than aiming to fit them into a box and at the same time encouraging them to taste new things, increasing their scope of nutritional foods and overcoming misconceptions about whatever is healthy. Whether a client is paleo, vegan, vegetarian, etc., the program aims to teach them to get the most nutritions from their diet lifestyle.

Each session with a client’s program teaches them another aspect of individual food groups. This helps to increase their nutrition knowledge, gaining more at each session. Each client’s session ends with the client choosing 3-5 goals to work on until the next session. This helps to reach their ultimate goal in manageable steps. Included in sessions are some of the following:

Eliminate or dramatically reduce cravings, weight reduction, increase energy and clear brain fog, eliminate or dramatically, pantry makeover (in-person or virtual), grocery store tour (if local), healthy recipes and nutrition handouts, monthly newsletters, complimentary access to workshops and meal prep tools & food samples.

the Jupital had the opportunity to talk with Kim and ask her some questions:

the Jupital: We noticed you deal with adults mostly, however, if a child walked up to you asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give them your best health tip, what might it be?

“I would first off advise them to eat whole, unpackaged foods. However, if they do eat packaged to read the label.  If they are unable to recognise an ingredient, then their body might neither.  Also, they need the support of their family in order to make healthy changes and choices because ultimately it is up to the parents to provide healthy nutrition for their children.”

the Jupital: How do you advise your clients to stay motivated during the process of working with you and continue to be dedicated to their eating and nutritional plan throughout their life?

“When looking for motivation, it is helpful to review why they want to change their lifestyle.  Making small, manageable goals, which build toward their desired goal, one step at a time. Also, they should view setbacks as learning opportunities to decide what they might do differently next time they approach a challenge or roadblock.”

What do you think may evolve within Nourish Your Healthy Life over the next five years? 

“I would love to see my book; nutritional wellness guide becomes a best seller.  I want to provide inspiration, education, and empowerment to live a healthy lifestyle through motivational speaking. My coaching business would flourish with Nourish Your Healthy Life centres in several locations for individual and group coaching programs.”

Kim is at all time wanting the best for her client’s health.

At NYHL, Kim truly cares about her client’s success. Her deepest desire is for her clients to be full of energy, at their ideal weight, free from medications and able to enjoy life to the fullest.  Kim believes health is far from a one-size fits all propositions. What works for one person may far from work for everyone. This is why discovering the perfect nutrition to optimise one’s health is so important.  Every recommendation is thoroughly researched and “Kim Approved” to find the best for one’s health and Kim only suggests advice she uses herself personal.

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Alternatively, she is also available via the following social media links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nourishyourhealth/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1629017444089944/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nourish_your_healthy_life/

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How may eating more nutritionally improve ones mindset and lifestyle?


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