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The Lego movie is a great watch! Aim to go see it! Credit@flickr.com

Movie review by Anna Salmon, aged 7 years old

Yesterday we went to the cinema to watch the film The Lego Movie. It was very exciting and very good, especially because we were at the cinema! It was good to have the whole picture and be able to see more of the details on a big screen.

My favourite part was the bit where the president hugged the hero at the end of the film and we knew he had turned away from his past and was going to be good from now on.

The hero was called Emmet and he was being pursued by President Business. President Business tookthe most powerful tool in the Lego world, the Kragle, from a wizard at the beginning of the film. He was dressed up differently however we knew he was the President because he had a special name and really tall legs. His disguise was to put on a head mask thing which covered up his hair and gave him flaming things like horns; however his face was still there so we knew who he was. There was lava everywhere so it was a very exciting first scene and it set the story up like the beginning of a joke leading to the punchline.

The hero called Emmet went underground because he was a construction worker and he fell into a hole that had been dug there. In that hole there was a thing called a Piece de Resistance and there was a prophecy that the person who found the Piece de Resistance and touched it would be really industriousand a hero, no matter who he or she  was. Emmet fell down the hole and touched it because it was whispering “Touch me, touch me.” As soon as he touched the Piece de Resistance, it became attached to his back, which was what would have happened to anyone who touched it and then he went into lots of different worlds. One of the worlds was the Wild West, where he met the same wizard from the beginning of the film. The wizard asked to come with him on his adventures and they went to Cloud Cuckoo Land, which was where all the famous people were, people like Superman, Wonder Woman and others like that. While they were there President Business arrived and imprisoned the people who lived there. He was following Emmet around into each world he went to, because he wanted to get hold of the Piece de Resistance.

Eventually President Business’s most trusted man, called Bad Cop, found Emmet  and tried to remove the Piece de Resistance, because they needed it to complete their plan. Emmet, however  escaped before they could get it off. In the end it fell off when President Business became good, however I will leave how that happened to be a surprise when you watch the film.

I think this film would be good for young people, children and even adults because my dad liked it too. My big brother thought it was funny and even people who are new to Lego could still enjoy the story. If you do like Lego then it’s even better! I thought the way it was made was very clever and I liked all the different characters in the film and the way each of the worlds they visited was different. It was good to have a happy ending and for the baddy to turn into a goody at the end, because it left us all feeling that things would turn out okay.

When will you go see the Lego movie?


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