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The unlikely pair explore the ruins of The Last Guardian Credit@SonyInteractiveEntertainment

Within the world of media, certain ideas, which are presented, may excel as a result of having a clear and focused direction; it may take determined individuals with a bold outlook to elevate a creative idea from conception to completion. In the world of interactive entertainment, one individual aims to make an impact on the industry this month, the Japanese game director Fumito Ueda.

Beginning his career on the PlayStation 2 in 2001, with the game Ico, Fumito Ueda may have embraced the medium of video games as his preferred platform to convey his bespoke approach to story telling. From this beginning, Fumito Ueda may have used his career as a video game director to develop games, which aimed to explore the emotional connection between the player, and digital characters whose journeys they follow.

Over his lengthy career in the medium, each game Fumito Ueda produced may have featured a distinct design style. This took the form of an innovative level design and artistic qualities, which may serve to draw players into each game. Fumito Ueda’s aims to incorporate a design philosophy which captivates the imagination of players while simultaneously challenging their intellect. To achieve this, Fumito Ueda’s first game, Ico, seemed to ask the player to rely on their instincts and wit to resolve in-game situations and progress the narrative, his second release however, saw the player being challenged in a different sort of way.

Trico and the boy attempting to communicate with one another Credit@SonyInteractiveEntertainment

Trico and the boy attempting to communicate with one another Credit@SonyInteractiveEntertainment

Shadow of the Colossus was released several years later; also for the PlayStation 2, and this time Fumito Ueda may have sought to raise the bar further. Shadow of the Colossus utilised a stylistic tone familiar to Ico, yet its gameplay differed as it saw players exploring a vast land populated by giant beings. Where the experience of Ico was confined to a castle, Shadow of the Colossus took players outside and presented them with a larger landscape to explore. As Fumito Ueda’s ambition grew, so too did each sequential project as each game may have seen the director refine each experience in a series. Since Fumito Ueda’s last release, Shadow of the Colossus in 2005, audiences may have waited patiently for the director’s next project.

This December, after a lengthy production cycle, Fumito Ueda announced audiences may finally get their hands on his latest project, The Last Guardian. Set in the same fantasy world, The Last Guardian aims to reintroduce players to a new location, story and characters. With the Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda aims to introduce players to his creative runic landscapes and fill them with an emotive tale, which may capture the hearts of players.

Trico sensing something in the distance Credit@SonyInteractiveEntertainment

Trico sensing something in the distance Credit@SonyInteractiveEntertainment

The Last Guardian sees players explore Fumito Ueda’s world through the eyes of a nameless boy who wakes in a mysterious place and eventually encounters a mysterious creature named Trico. Trico is a fictional creature with an unknown origin which bears the appearance of a large feathered cat infused with the features of a griffin. As the duo begin their journey Fumito Ueda aims to explore the relationship between this unlikely partnership as the two develop trust and learn to communicate with each other.

As players explore this vibrant world, with its fluidly moving characters, they may discover the nuances of Trico’s personality and the player may find themselves drawn to this expressive creature. From the ruffled feathers on Trico’s back to the ripple of the boy’s tunic, Fumito Ueda’s attention to detail aims to draw players in with its rich setting, characters and story. As the two work together to overcome obstacles and survive this fantasy world, The Last Guardian features puzzle elements, reminiscent of both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, which aim to challenge players as they ponder this new world they find themselves navigating. With his third release, Fumito Ueda seems to continue his legacy and presents players with an emotional tale set in an intriguing world. The Last Guardian may leave a lasting impression on any who experience this absorbing journey.

The last guardian aims to release on 6th December 2016.

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