A kingdom united

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Harry and Meghan are scheduled to marry this weekend. Credit @ChiesaXimena via Twitter.

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle scheduled to marry this weekend, it seems this period may signal an important time for the entirety of Britain. The union between the pair may perhaps be integral in providing beneficial outcomes for the public, who may be productively impacted by the event itself. Yet, the most prominent aim may be ensuring the couple have a successful marriage, and a productive future in the aftermath. When coupled with the potential unity showcased by the nation in their quest to celebrate, and recognise, the impact the pair may have, the foundations seem laid for a fruitful event.

The most important and productive impact of the wedding may be the effect of Markle’s background, with the American becoming the first person of mixed race heritage to marry into the British Royal Family. With Brexit ongoing, and the potential nationalistic repercussions which seem to be occurring, her relationship with Harry may motivate others to act similarly. Considering a key aspect of the negotiations seem to surround immigration, it may also highlight the necessity to bypass ethnic and geographical boundaries to unite. Furthermore, with Trump scheduled to visit the UK this year, the union between the US and UK may be strengthened. Considering the importance of Trump appealing to the British public, most notably due to the protests surrounding his arrival, creating a more productive and efficient bond between the nations may be an increasingly prominent aim.

The wedding may also have a large impact on the economy, with memorabilia for the event perhaps acting as the catalyst in an influx of spending from both the British public and tourists. With this potentially strengthening the UK’s economy, it may solely serve to enhance Britain’s social standing across Europe. This, in turn, might potentially elevate Theresa May’s power in Brussels, as she may be representing a stronger nation, and thus have larger negotiating capabilities. Additionally, with people perhaps striving to attain a piece of memorabilia to commemorate the occasion, they may work at a more efficient level to earn the money required to achieve this goal. This ideology seemed to be adhered to in the previous royal wedding between William and Kate, with merchandise sales predicted to reach £44 million. As such, a number of areas seem to reap dividends, with more productive workers key in creating a thriving economy.

A kingdom united

The pair seem to have used their position to benefit charitable organisations and events, including the Invictus Games. Credit @classical963fm via Twitter.

With the event ultimately a wedding, it may have been a natural suggestion the pair might have requested nuptial gifts. Yet, they seem to recognise their position of influence, and therefore highlighted a number of charitable organisations for guests to donate to. In outlining seven different charities, they seemed to cover a range of areas, ensuring all guests may be able to resonate with a particular organisation’s ideology. When coupled with other innovations for the wedding, such as hosting it on a weekend, and potentially having a maid of honour, it seems to revolutionise future royal ceremonies and ensuring it remains relevant for the current time.

The wedding seems at the forefront of current focus, with this period important in generating publicity for the event. Social media usage may, therefore, increase as high-ranking influencers aim to increase public knowledge, and in turn support, for the pair. This may be imperative in perhaps providing a productive outlook for Harry and Meghan, as both may be content with the public reaction and therefore become increasingly motivated to impact them productively as a result. It may also ensure the charitable foundations, and other innovative ideologies, achieve a further reach. As such, whilst the wedding itself may be celebrating the union between the pair, it may be bypassing boundaries, and impacting Britain on a broader scale.

How might the wedding impact the British public’s quality of life?


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