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New year means new learning opportunities! credit@US Department of Education2viaflickr.com

By Shivani Handa, aged 12 years old

Well, it’s that time of year again, when the summer holidays come to a finish and millions of children all over England are heading back to … school! For all the kids out there, school is starting in a weeks time and just like last year, all the last minute shopping for extra shirts, trousers and skirts starts now.

Going back to school is interesting as you get a new teacher! For a lot of children, this year they are either starting school for the first time, moving to another school or going up to secondary school. Throughout life, lots of changes may be happening, and these are some of the most important and biggest ones! I can assure you that you will be just fine and will surely adapt to the situation very soon!

Starting school for the very first time, at the tiny age of just four or five, is an exceptionally big moment in every child’s life. Buying a brand new uniform and smart, flashing shoes for the first time is a really exciting experience that some children go through. The last few days of the holidays are phenomenal with all the thoughts of this amazing place known as school going through their heads. When you first walk into the building and see all the colorful pictures and the huge sandpit in the middle of the room, immediately you are hypnotized. The amount of friends children make in their first year of school is astonishing; the never-ending birthday parties clearly show this.  The first year of school is probably the best year and I’m sure after the first day of playing and having fun, every 4 or 5 year old might agree with me!

You get to see your friends again and make new friends when you start back at school! Credit@US Department of Educationviaflickr.com

You get to see your friends again and make new friends when you start back at school! Credit@US Department of Educationviaflickr.com

Moving to a new school, at any age, is a very big change although meeting new people and trying new things can be extremely exciting. It is a very good experience that might be remembered for a long time however you might have quite a few questions in your mind about it. Talking to adults, teachers or even pupils who have moved school before is a great way to receive information or calm yourself down. In a few months you might be thinking back to the time you were just starting this new school, laughing at all the crazy thoughts that were going through your head.

Starting secondary school is probably the most exhilarating of them all. You’re older now; more mature, ready for a change, yet just like moving to a new school, all these questions about friends, teachers and other pupils are still there. Previous students are there to help and answer anything you might want to ask them. You may learn within time that secondary school is quite similar to your previous school. Friends, like in any situation, are easy to get and all the staff are always going to be friendly and supportive.

Although the holidays are over, I’m sure most of you are excited to meet your friends and get back to into routine. After all, only one year left until the next ones!

What’s your favorite part of starting a new school year?


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