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Corbyn and Andrew Marr, the latter of whom hosts the show where Corbyn made his declaration. Credit @jmbrighton via Twitter.

With a vast array of focus presently on the political world, most notably due to the situation surrounding Theresa May and her cabinet reshuffle, it seems now may signal an opportunity for politicians to announce pledges which may attain large exposure. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn seems to be adhering to this suggestion, having recently announced his intention to provide an influx of homes in his attempt to provide for, and ultimately counteract the rise in, those on the streets. Whilst naturally outlining how this may occur upon him attaining the role of Prime Minister, it may be a factor in his quest to narrow the divide between him and Theresa May, perhaps making this goal a more attainable reality. With this announcement also linking intrinsically to his party’s overarching ideology, similarly relating to their manifesto motto, he may be showcasing his ability to impact the nation whilst adhering to his party, increasing chances of further votes.

With Brexit remaining at the forefront of focus for the British public, most notably due to the current negotiations, domestic policy might have become secondary. Yet, the opposite seems to have occurred, with influencers utilising this period to vocalise how they might be striving to impact the British public, perhaps contributing to an influx of stability. This may be the reason Corbyn opted to announce this now, as he may be aiming to capitalise on the challenging circumstances facing his rival, with it the most poignant opportunity for him to appeal to voters originally siding with her. Furthermore, with Labour perhaps currently implementing a multitude of innovation, most notably with Sadiq Khan and TFL, it may be a productive use of this period.

The pledge may also showcase his ability to respond to the present political climate, and use a multitude of situations to his advantage. This may hone his credentials as leader, and with his successful utilisation of statistics, which seem to signal a rise in those requiring houses, he may be highlighting the necessity of a potential fresh implantation. Whilst this may naturally enhance his credibility, as there seems reasoning behind his declarations, announcing it on the Andrew Marr show might elevate this further. With the programme broadcast on one of the most recognised and viewed channels in Britain, alongside boasting the status of providing opportunities for influencers to voice their political opinions, his pledge may have achieved a wider reach. With recent political debates surrounding public involvement in politics, providing them with credible and viable information may lead to further support.

Both Corbyn and May might be seeking to utilise this announcement to their advantage in the quest for number 10. Credit @BritainThinks via Twitter.

Yet, the declaration may also provide an opportunity for the Conservatives to respond, both impacting the public via their own declaration whilst also cementing Theresa May’s position. This seems to be the ideology utilised by the party, with the Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington outlining how the Tories may be aiming to respond, whilst also outlining the reasoning behind the rise of those in need. This may showcase their ability to be reactionary, whilst also be providing them with scope to improve, with both being important traits required for success.

This announcement seems to solely provide benefits for the nation, as it may provide a vast array of people with an opportunity for a fresh beginning and to be provided with stability. With the economy on the rise, Labour may also be outlining how they plan to fund this; with opposition to the party often noting Labour’s ideology behind money, and perhaps their rivals superior understanding of this, highlighting their funding plan may lead to increased integrity. With the declaration potentially having a snowball effect in other areas, including employment, as people may be able to find a job more easily with a house, Corbyn may be impacting the masses. Plus, with this potentially signalling alleviation of pressure on young people in the housing debate, he may be improving their lives, and showcasing the reasoning behind why this demographic voted for him.

How might providing more houses contribute to an influx of people being provided with opportunities for a fresh start?


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