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Theresa May has met members of the NHS on multiple occasions, with this perhaps contributing to her desire to improve the system. Credit @maydup2012 via Twitter.

With the NHS seeming to consistently showcase their credentials throughout a number of events recently, they may have highlighted the reasoning surrounding why they may call for more support. The Government seems to have adhered to this ideology, with both Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt pledging to improve the system. The former focused on funding, and the latter prioritised an influx of opportunities for midwives, and thus it seems the entirety of the system may be of precedence.

This may in turn increase support, as the public may be able to resonate with a particular area. Their announcements may thus attain increased credibility, potentially cementing their position as influencers. Therefore, the situation surrounding the NHS may be a challenge they relish, with resolving it pivotal in improving society.

The plan itself seems to most notably outline the 25% boost to training places, with the influencers involved suggesting it is the largest increase in NHS midwives and maternity staff in history. It may hence need investment, and time, to ensure the implementations achieve maximum impact, and therefore bringing the matter to the forefront of focus may make sure this acts as the catalyst in further innovation. This may be the reasoning surrounding why Hunt opted to vocalise his pledge prior to his official announcement, as the time period may have enabled the widest reach available to be attained. With this having the potential to create further midwife positions, and therefore creating more viable career pathways for the masses, the pledge may be bypassing boundaries. In therefore impacting society in multiple areas, it may ensure those requiring assistance may also be able to attain it accessibly.

The plans seem to therefore follow on from previous pledges, with a similar declaration surrounding nurses being implemented last year. This may highlight the Government’s consistency surrounding health and social care, with this trait potentially enhancing their chances of support, as the public may believe their plans of action. Considering the NHS remained a key focal point during the election, and with the public voicing their desire for innovation during protests, it may be an intelligent decision by the Tories to focus on the area. Since their plans for the NHS may have also been among the most prominent factors surrounding Labour’s rise in voting, they may also be utilising a formula which seemed to produce success for their rivals. In showcasing their adaptability from their manifesto, and their reactionary nature to the current climate, they may be ensuring their campaign gains momentum, as does their quest to maintain power. Yet, whilst this might be a productive start, improvements may be required to prove to the public rewarding and recognising the work of NHS staff remains the main goal.

A practical philosophy

The actions of nurses and midwives may be a prime reason surrounding the public aiming to improve their working conditions and standard of living. Credit @lizharris1697 via Twitter.

With the NHS website consistently providing statistics surrounding the profession, the public may have viable access to this knowledge, and thus may have a vast understanding of the situation. When coupled with the vocal actions and gravitas of influencers, including health practitioners and correspondents, a wide array of people may be striving to play a key role in implementing change. This may be amplified due to the situation surrounding bursaries creating a wide public response, and thus the Government may be acknowledging public influence.

With a million people treated by the NHS every 36 hours, and with television broadcasts perhaps raising awareness of the jobs midwives do, the importance of having these occupational opportunities available may have increased. Whilst this may naturally claim the focus, the Government’s attempts to improve the NHS as a whole, including offering a wage increase, may highlight their understanding of the system. Considering the NHS is amongst the most proficient health services in the world, these changes may serve to elevate their position; yet, this may solely be a start. If the Government may continue on this pathway, and ensure a fresh influx of midwives may be attained, a productive future may occur where all may flourish.

Why might recognising the work of midwives ensure they achieve the highest levels of support?


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