A service to national health

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The public have consistently aimed to attain increased funding for the NHS, and secure the future of the service. Credit @TahirMirza01 via Twitter.

Theresa May recently outlined her intention to provide the NHS with an influx of funding by 2023 to correspond with the service’s 70th birthday, with this perhaps important in securing the long-term future of the service. Considering the necessity for this has seemingly intensified, most notably due to recent events in which the NHS has been consistently utilised, and played a key role in resolutions, it may also enable the Prime Minister to cement her place as leader. Having already altered a number of her manifesto pledges to adhere to public opinion, this may be another example of her quest to resonate with the masses. This may highlight her flexibility and ability to react to the current climate, and with both of these traits key in being referred to as a proficient leader, May might have consolidated her position further. Yet, whilst the announcement might have political implications, it seems more important to focus on the impact this may have on society; with the support for more funding increasing in the aftermath of the events at Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge, they may now be rewarded for their efforts.

The plan itself seems to have been clearly outlined by the Conservatives, who may be aiming to make sure their intentions remain viable and available to the masses. Considering the public seems to have recently been striving for increased involvement politically, this may be an intelligent decision, enabling her to attain increased support for the innovation. With the public perhaps also progressively likely to aid her in this quest in tandem with information becoming increasingly accessible, she seems to have also aimed to outline statistics distinctly. The plan seems to suggest the budget may increase by around 3.4% each year, and with consistency a key trait required by influencers at the pinnacle, she might be adhering to this ideology.

Whilst the innovation outlined by the Conservatives may productively impact the nation, there may yet be improvements required, with this declaration perhaps solely laying the foundations for an overhaul of the system. The 3.4% yearly budget increase may naturally be regarded as an improvement, and one worthy of plaudits; yet, the average improvement has been superior at 3.7%. With the necessity to create an influx of new positions in the health industry perhaps also increasing, it seems further innovation may be required to elevate the standard of living for all.

A service to national health

Theresa May recently outlined her intentions, with the innovation set to be confirmed in the upcoming budget. Credit @Pinterest.com.

The Conservatives may, therefore, claim plaudits, yet the declaration may also be utilised by their main rivals Labour, who may be seeking to use this opportunity to outline their intentions for the NHS. They may most notably aim to showcase how their ideologies surrounding the system may be a more credible and practical pathway for Britain, as this may result in an influx of votes. This philosophy seems supported by the Shadow Home Secretary Jonathon Ashworth, who suggested Labour’s taxation plans mean the party’s plans may potentially supersede the Tories. With the group also debating May’s decision on how she may attain this funding, it seems they might be highlighting their desire to productively impact the public, and ensure they gain the best deal.

The situation may, therefore, be utilised by an array of political parties, as whilst the overarching aim for all may be to improve the NHS, the two parties seem to have contrasting ideologies on how this may ultimately occur. As such, both sides of the political spectrum may be aiming to impact the situation, and considering the wide reach the pair seem to have, a wide array of the public may be able to become informed about, and ultimately form an opinion on, the debate. This may be the crowning glory of the announcement, with it ensuring the matter remains at the forefront of public focus. The challenge now may be to confirm the innovation, and successfully implement it; if the Tories relish this challenge, and meet this goal, they may both improve the nation and enhance their opportunities to improve other areas.

How might providing the NHS with further funding benefit living for all?


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