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Over the years Nintendo may have accumulated a collage of mascots, some which sprawl generations of consoles. From home to mobile consoles, over the years Nintendo has aimed to establish themselves as a provider of quality entertainment. Across their numerous devices consumers may find a diverse range of characters, from elves wearing green tunics to cute yellow pocket monsters. Yet there is one ubiquitous character which proudly waves the Nintendo flag and has been doing so since the dawn of the company.

Bouncing across Nintendo’s frontline is an Italian plumber in denim dungarees, wearing a bright red cap emblazoned with the letter “M”. Known simply as Mario, Nintendo created a universal mascot and one even those unfamiliar with video games may recognise; this moustached plumber has found himself pervasive in pop culture as he leaps across screens. This October, Nintendo announced the red and blue coin-collecting fictional character may return with a new entry to the Paper Mario series; Paper Mario may be known for its geometric twist on the iconic character.



For those unfamiliar with the Paper Mario series, Nintendo aims to dabble in handcrafted creativity and transforms all the characters of the Mushroom Kingdom into a 2D paper cut-out version of them. Along with these aesthetic changes, Paper Mario incorporates a series of new role playing mechanics which see gamers carefully managing a range of statistics. The latest in the series is titled “Paper Mario: Colour Splash” and with this subtitle Nintendo aims to provide more than a decorative title. This time around, the narrative sees Mario on a mission to uncover the culprit behind the draining of their island of colour; a premise which makes room for some vibrant new gameplay mechanics.

In Paper Mario: Colour Splash, Mario is equipped with a magical great hammer, one which creates splashes of colour with each pound. Nintendo offers players control of this decorative hamper and allows them to express themselves on the canvas of the world. As players roam throughout the wold of Paper Mario they’ll redecorate the colour-stripped landscape and dazzle the paper inhabitants with each flourish of colour. Paper Mario retains the 2D visual style the series is known for and it is incorporated masterfully alongside the ability to paint across the paper world.

In Paper Mario: Colour Splash, Mario’s journey may take him to the furthest reaches of the island as he attempts to restore vibrancy to the origami world. Players control Mario as he explores, solves puzzles and clobbers anything monochrome. What ensues may be an adventure worthy of the Mario name and one Nintendo aims to inject colour back into the expressive plumber’s cheeks.

As gamers progress they may uncover a range of collectable cards scattered throughout the world. These collectable cards act as the cornerstone for engagements and each card provides new techniques and abilities for Mario to perform. These may include the ability to summon a giant 3D fan to blow away paper enemies or drain them of colour with well-timed squirt of lemon juice. The way in which Paper Mario: Colour Splash utilises cards and builds on the role playing mechanics the Paper Mario series is known for with a playful twist on the 2D world.

These mechanics and combination of 3D and 2D aims to offer this Paper Mario: Colour Splash an undeniable charm. Instead of brushwork, players might be practising their hammer work as each wallop of Mario’s newly acquired oversized hammer restores a rich colour palette to the world. Set to release for the Wii U, Nintendo fans have something to cheer about, because sometimes colouring outside of the lines may be more fun.

How does Nintendo aim to innovate the Mario series with the release of Paper Mario Colour Splash?


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