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A unity march in Manchester. Credit @tumblr.com.

After the recent events at Manchester, the city seems to have become more united than ever, with the rest of the country seemingly following suit. In the immediate aftermath of the events, the emergency services, coupled with voluntary assistance from those around, provided a high level of care at an efficient rate, and this seems to have been the most notable reason for the rapid response, and ultimate resolution, of the predicament. Considering the situation arose two months after the events at Westminster, the incident seems to have resonated increasingly with the population, with support for those involved bypassing race, religion, or ethnicity, thus proving the overarching desire across all of Britain to unite in the quest for peace.

The plaudits seem to have been attained by the emergency services, as due to their rapid response time, and efficient, strategic methods of providing assistance, they ultimately contributed to a life-saving resolve. Their actions seem to have been recognised across the entirety of Britain, with a fund established to buy the 999 staff a drink reaching donations of over £13,500. In addition, and similarly to Westminster, the events occurred at speed, and as such the paramedics seemed to be under pressure to apply treatment in a brief period of time; yet, they seemed to take these challenging circumstances in their stride, proving their vast capabilities, and ability to perform at a high standard irrespective of the situation. This may reiterate the service they provide, and ultimately contribute to an increased level of funding.

Whilst the emergency services may naturally attain the majority of the credit due to their actions, focus may also be placed on the members of the general public who provided assistance, both during the events and in the aftermath. At the arena itself, taxi drivers offered free travel to those affected, whilst local hotels, along with residents, also made rooms available for inhabitancy as the necessity intensified. Conversely, outside of Manchester, the public showcased their willingness to provide aid, with the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, intended to support the affected, raising £5.5 million thus far; by proving their generosity in a time where nationalism may potentially be taking precedence, solidarity in diversion may now be the precedent.

The ‘We Love Manchester’ march. Credit @tumblr.com.

Multiple influencers have also vocalised their support, often with celebrities utilising their high status and wide reach via their networking platforms to emphasise their support of charitable causes. Various artists tweeted messages of support for both Ariana Grande and the crowd, with the former also taking to social media, and multiple organisations, including football clubs, utilising their status to further bring the city closer, with both Manchester clubs’ slogan ‘A City United’ underpinning this aim. In addition, politicians seem to be aiming to utilise the events in a productive manner as, whilst all leaders partook in a minute’s silence, and a brief break from campaigning, politicians may be aiming to prove their credentials with their response to the predicament, and announcing their policies to create a more stable future may prove vital in their quest for number 10. With countries across the world also showing solidarity with Britain, either via speeches or lighting monuments with the Union Jack, it seems this degree of unity may be replicated throughout Europe, and create stability during a period with multiple leadership changes.

Whilst aiming to achieve division in the city, the events at Manchester have acted solely as a solidifier, and emphasised the vast degree of support for unity between all. When coupled with the impact of multiple high ranking influencers also striving for this goal, the events may in turn increase the diversity in Manchester, and lead to an influx of hosted occasions there, as the inhabitants continue their lives in the face of adversity. With multiple celebrities endorsing charities and fundraising, the majority of the population donating blood and money, and with people from a smattering of backgrounds uniting under a common cause, it seems the situation may create a stronger, and more tolerant Britain, with these acts of defiance proving the harmony between all areas of one of the most diverse cities in the world.

How may the events in Manchester act as the catalyst for a more united nation?


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