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Rafael and his small pizzas

YouTube cooking channels in particular seemed to have started to be very popular among young people, many of whom might be keen to learn how to cook and bake in a few minutes.

Rafael, twenty-one years old, originally from Portugal however living now in London has

Cooking up pancakes!

Cooking up pancakes!

apassion for cooking and video-making. He decided to take the opportunity to create a cooking channel on YouTube in 2010 because he was motivated by successful stories of other YouTubers. Since then, it seems he has become very popular among youngsters all over the world. At the moment he has over 66,610 followers, mostly from the United States and UK.

Rafael’s videos are mostly about baking and he tells The Positive that he was always fascinated about how mathematical and precise baking is. In the kitchen he often feels like a chemist and when someone enjoys his sweet treats, it’s priceless for him. His mother was the one who taught him how to bake. “My mum is a really good baker and she has always inspired me to go into the kitchen and experiment,” he says. “However, most of the techniques I learned I got from cooking books or the internet. We are only few clicks away from learning how to do anything nowadays.” Rafael also learned English from YouTube videos and many times videos may be a very productive guide to learning another language.

Rafazzas pizzas

Rafazzas pizzas

Rafael’s popularity online also may have something to do with the positive and colourful appeal of his videos. He invests a lot of time and effort. He has found that viewers are also happy to see when something goes differently to how it was planned: “It is important that they know that things might go [differently to how they were planned] sometimes and they find it very funny when things [far from] go as expected.” His videos are inspired by broad range of elements. Sometimes he gets a request from a fan on Twitter, sometimes a family member or just by watching television.

Rafael mostly creates recipes that he himself likes. He aims to put together ingredientsfrom his favourite cuisines. He loves to bake cakes as he enjoys sweet treats and he has many recipes that have something to do with pizza – another of his favourite foods.

Cupcakes are also very frequent recipes on the ‘Its RaphaBlueberry’ cooking channel, however you’ll also find doughnuts, brain cake, zebra cake or crepes. Rafael also performs several food challenges on the site, although the one thing viewers may be unable to find on his channel are meat and fish dishes as Rafael considers himself a vegetarian.

Fans are the most important part of Rafael’s cooking channel. They seem always happy to see something new and to learn something from his videos. Viewers seem to respond to his

Moustache Cake

Moustache Cake

videos with excitement and all the positive feedback is making him happy. Followers also lead him to do more and more cooking and baking videos and he is always thinking of new ways to surprise them.

Creating the YouTube channel started as Rafael’s hobby, however now it has grown to become a full-time job. He is doing what he loves the most and is very happy to show his skills and baking techniques to other people. He has community of fans on both Twitter and Facebook and tries to respond to every message he receives. For Rafael’s fans and the community that has grown around him (one that is expanding every day) his success may be leaving a mouthwatering taste.


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