About Us

the Jupital  ” Shifting perceptions in news”

the Jupital is a newspaper, dedicated to unearthing and reporting insightful, innovative and thought-provoking constructive fresh perspectives, whilst maintaining a high level of journalistic standards.

Our vision is to challenge the way people think about the mainstream news they read by offering them fresh productive perspectives. With these perceptions, the Jupital aims to educate reader’s mind there may be more productive ways of absorbing the news.

the Jupital aims to deliver the balanced and unbiased news. The journalists are more than only writers ;they become teachers to society via their words.

the Jupital’s Values

  • Quality reporting
  • Balanced and unbiased reporting
  • Insightful, innovative and thought-provoking perspectives
  • Constructive
  • Shifting perceptions in news

the Jupital aspires to leave the reader feeling confident and uplifted with a different mindset by the news they have read.

Our contributors have penned articles for publications and news sources such as the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, BBC, Reuters, Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, Wired, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and The Daily for iPad.

the Jupital fills a vital gap in the market by delivering hard-hitting, edgy news and articles which effectively offer an alternative to the sensationalistic tabloids which may have become a staple in London life.

We are the first newspaper with a special section for children, written by gifted and creative child writers between the ages of 6-12 year-olds. Our readers are intelligent, diverse, positive and productive Londoners and worldwide who are online-savvy however hungry for a palpable connection to the community which takes ‘legacy media’ into the realm of the contemporary and relevant.

With thanks to the Jupital team who are making a difference to how the news is being reported:

  • Anca Badea
  • Jordan Greenfield
  • Josephine Watson
  • George Royce
  • Nathanael Roman
  • Louisa Rose
  • Adam Panayi
  • Luca Giannini
  • David Kuomi
  • James Barnes
  • Yasmin Giannini
  • Cameron Kraemer




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