About us

the Jupital  ” Shifting perceptions in news”

the Jupital newspaper was founded in January 2013.  The newspaper aims to shift perceptions in news leaving all readers feeling more confident and uplifted by what they have read. It is also dedicated to unearthing and reporting insightful, innovative and thought-provoking constructive fresh perspectives, whilst maintaining a high level of young journalistic standards. 

the Jupital is a newspaper offering an exciting new concept in reporting arriving at a propitious time –  a time where the public seemed to have the need to have a platform to raise their voices and perception on how they see world topics and issues.

the Jupital reports insightful, innovative and thought-provoking perspectives in their news stories throughout different sections such as News & Politics, Business, Sports, Art & Design, Health & Wellness, Travel and Technology. The newspaper offers to report the news in a manner, which, based on how it’s reported, may offer readers trust and confidence in what they have read. By offering them the balanced and productive aspects of a news story it may also allow the reader to come away feeling confident in the reporting and the brand. It is becoming increasingly clear the public may be yearning for something different – a productive start to their day and access to more productive insightful and innovative news, which still retain the edginess readers are keen to expect.

the Jupital’s vision is to challenge the way individuals think about the mainstream news they read by offering them a curve ball approach to the multiple perspectives of the topic. With conviction and aptitude, the Jupital strives to do this by reporting in an unbiased fashion, with the aim for readers to create/generate their own conclusions.

the Jupital’s concept of the newspaper has elicited a stimulating response on the part of readers already offering a reputation of trustworthiness. the Jupital’s values are thorough quality, balanced productive reporting and constructive articles for enquiring mind via the viewpoint and mind set of their journalists.