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Ebola in West Africa. Medical workers during the Ebola situation .Credit- EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

Throughout the centuries, several physical conditions have arisen and may have been subsequently conquered by scientists and healthcare professionals due to their coverage. The raised awareness of these conditions may result in action being taken by scientists and healthcare professionals; this may lead to many immunisations, awareness information, cures and treatments being developed. The process of this is a fundamental reason why historical conditions which were once potentially life challenging are now easily remedied today. The outbreak of the Ebola condition in Africa may now be viewed in this same way.

African healthcare worker Adele Millimouno who works in the emergency Ebola centre in Guinea, West Africa has reported how upon initially feeling challenged by the situation, her medical team has adapted and is now working with determination to help the community. In an interview, Adele Millimouno stated that she feels ‘very proud’ of her work and the contribution from her community, noting that she has seen many people fully recover from the condition. She also stated that she has learned many things about the condition including how to diagnose and treat it. This has surely been a challenge for many African communities, though the situation may have strengthened communities and allowed healthcare professionals to be sufficiently educated to assist those affected to the best of their ability.

This situation may also allow the efficacy of communication to be recognised. British Red Cross worker Matthew Schraeder, who is currently working in West Africa, has spoken about being challenged by limited access into villages affected by the condition. However, he has turned this around and concentrates his teams and his efforts into ‘a lot of communication and sensitisation’. This has allowed for information on the situation to spread, which may allow for communities to feel far from challenged by the condition and more equipped to provide aid. This fact may allow for recognition in the importance of coherent communication when these events take place to ensure citizens are optimally prepared for the situation.

Garcinia kola compound has been shown to halt multiplication of the Ebola condition in the laboratory, noting that if repeated in humans, it would give the body a chance to eliminate the condition

Garcinia kola compound has
been shown to halt multiplication
of the Ebola condition in the laboratory,
noting that if repeated in humans,
it would give the body a chance to
eliminate the condition

This week the US have announced that fifty public health experts will soon be arriving in West Africa to aid the situation. The plans of the experts are to assist the community and humanitarian aid currently implemented in Africa. Dr Thomas Frieden, the director of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention announced his plans for the trip. He stated that he is confident the condition may be aided permanently. He places great emphasis on educating individuals about the condition and operating infection control in hospitals. With citizens and professionals from across the globe are contributing to the aid for this situation allows for global education, recognition and understanding on the subject. Additionally it brings nations into a healthier place, by learning of these conditions, professionals may now act on developing effective treatments and a cure; the US National Institute of Health has announced that it will begin studies to develop a possible cure for Ebola in September.

Andrew Bosworth, a scientist currently working in Africa has stated that his Laboratory is receiving a notably decreased amount of Ebola tests retuning positive, indicating that the condition is being taken under control. This may be an exemplification of the efforts of healthcare workers like Adele Millimouno and the communication and education provided by those like Matthew Schraeder in transmitting the importance of hygiene and doing everything possible to reduce contagion. It may be viewed that this situation has been handled in an effective manner, the workers aiding the situation have reduced the challenge for the communities affected and potentially the globe, any further work subsequently provided may even result in a complete cure for the condition, bringing Africa and the world another step closer to health and safety for all.

What do you think is the cure for the Ebola condition? 


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