All around the world and back

It’s been a massive 25 years since Lisa Stansfield’s song “All Around The World” scored the No. 1 spot in the pop charts, propelling her to instant to global stardom. Yet she says the fame and fortune garnered from selling 20 million records and many prestigious music awards made her “want to run away from being me.” Now, after ten long years, since the release of her last album, the Lancashire lass is back – this time with a brand new album, resonating with her same incredible voice.

Singer Lisa Stansfield

For those who are unfamiliar with her music, one look at her newly released single “Carry On” from her upcoming album Seven, and you will know what our generation had been lacking. Looking stunning in a lovely gold sequined dress, singing in the middle of a disco, Lisa with her amazing vocals prowess proves, once again, why she is and will always remain one of Britain’s most loved and respected singers.

In an exclusive interview with The Positive, the powerhouse performer opens up about her life as a pop idol, her decade long break, her upcoming film Northern Soul, and more. Excerpts:

The Positive: Were you always interested in music, or was it something that you picked up over the years? What were your ‘growing up’ years like?

Lisa Stansfield: I’ve always loved music, even as a little girl I used to sing around the house and can remember even now the feeling it gave me. My mum played music all the time, Diana Ross, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, all artists that still influence me today.

The Positive: Starting on a pop talent show, how was it like when you suddenly hit headlines and became famous?

Lisa Stansfield: It was weird in some ways. To be honest, I was so incredibly busy promoting and travelling that I felt like I was in a whirlwind and it was only afterwards that I understood its real impact.

The Positive: You are releasing your new album Seven, after a gap of ten years. What was the reason for your break?

Lisa Stansfield: We’ve always taken our time making albums, though I admit ten years is a pretty long time. During these years, I did some acting, travelled and wrote songs. With so much happening around me so fast, I was confused about where I fitted in. I was still writing songs in that time though, me and my husband, we wrote hundreds of songs. I think I just wanted the time to be right. And now, I feel the time is right. I feel ready and excited.

The Positive: What kept you motivated and inspired to make music all these years?

Lisa Stansfield: I love singing, I love song writing and I love performing; it’s natural to me. Music is what I live for and just like my song, I will carry on and take it as it comes.

The Positive: What do you keep in mind while writing the lyrics?

Lisa Stansfield: I write from the heart. I take inspiration from people around me, little stories I hear, snippets of conversation. I love telling stories.

The Positive: Which singers from the current crop do you admire?

Lisa Stansfield: Adele, John Newman and Emile Sande.

The Positive: What do you consider as the biggest achievement of your career?

Lisa Stansfield: I suppose All Around The World should be the answer and all that came with it. I am very proud of this new album though, it is exactly the album I wanted to make, with zero compromises.

The Positive: Now that you are back with new music, are you also doing any new film and TV projects?

Lisa Stansfield: Yes I’m in a film called Northern Soul, which is being released in the spring. It is fantastic, with a great cast; it’s like a Northern Saturday Night Fever!

Seven is releasing in the UK on 10th February 2014 and is available for pre-order now on Amazon and iTunes.

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