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When Twitter originally came to fruition in 2006, it seemed to signal the beginning of a surge in social media, and with the site continuing to rapidly grow, its creation may be justified. Amongst these users is Donald Trump, who seems to have an in-depth understanding of Twitter’s value, as it provides an easily accessible route for him to communicate with his followers. Yet, his recent comments have created debate, and whilst he may have been aiming to advance his own agenda, he seems to have achieved the opposite, with a multitude of politicians, activists and other high-ranking influencers reiterating the desire for tolerance between all. Whilst they may claim the plaudits, the British public themselves may warrant the focus, as due to their size they may be the driving factor behind the innovations implemented, assisting in providing people from all backgrounds with opportunities for a high standard of living.

Whilst Trump’s comments may naturally be at the forefront of focus, the response of Britain may be the crowning glory of the predicament. In a period where there may be multiple leadership elections throughout Europe, showcasing solidarity may be the prime contributor in ensuring stability across the continent.

The leaders of major parties, alongside multiple backbenchers, seem to have bypassed political boundaries in order to voice their opposition to Trump. Whilst this may prove their capabilities as influencers, as they seem to be standing up for their ideologies, it may more poignantly suggest they might be aiming to ensure the safety of all British residents. These backbenchers include the grandson of Winston Churchill, and considering he seemed to champion acceptance, his grandson may be well equipped to influence the situation.

Yet, whilst the actions of these politicians may be important in attaining support from their respective parties, it might be the conduct of Theresa May which results in the most significant impact, as she may be superiorly equipped to influence Trump. With the aftermath of the events in Las Vegas ongoing, she might seek to influence him into focusing on domestic reform, thus paying dividends for the US as he prioritises the nation. Most notably though, in opposing Trump, and one of the most powerful nations in the world in the process, she may be increasing Britain’s power, altering her bargaining position for Brexit, and ensuring the nation remains diverse, with one of the most cultural capitals in the world.

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas seemed to be amongst those uniting versus Trump’s comments. Credit @bristolgreen via Twitter.

Trump’s statement may also reiterate the usefulness of statistics in politics, as considering he seemed to alter these in order to cement his position, he may have drawn focus onto the correct ones, thus reassuring the population whilst they face challenging circumstances. The actions of doctors during Manchester and Westminster may also contribute to this seemingly consistent corroboration supporting immigration, as their actions seemed to ensure the safety of others, and thus the public may be aiming to replicate this act in order for the entire nation to reap the dividends. As such, in consistently highlighting these complex predicaments or a person’s actions, Trump may be motivating them to achieve their goals, and ultimately implement change to prove their capabilities as high-ranking influencers, with Sadiq Khan’s aim of reforming the London transport system perhaps reiterating this.

Ultimately, the situation seems to have created a wide array of debate, with some highlighting Trump’s repetition of his ideologies as poignant, with others perhaps uniting versus the President as he may be achieving the opposite of a global, a UN reinforced, goal to unite. Yet, his announcement may solely serve to draw attention to the situation, ensuring a wider range of people may become impacted by the predicament. With the successfulness of campaigns and protests seemingly noteworthy, the importance of social media may be reemphasised, as it may enable the population to act as the catalyst in revolutionising political ideologies. Yet, with the debate ongoing, it may be increasingly important for these leaders to negotiate equilibrium in order to ensure safety for all. With this underpinning both sides’ ideologies, and with other complex predicaments occurring, including in Catalonia, achieving this compromise may motivate others to prioritise cooperation.

How might Trump’s comments create a more tolerant and accepting Britain?


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