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Weston-super-Mare Dismaland.Credit@instragramGreg007lille

Many well renowned artists including the social activist, graffiti artist Banksy have come together to create an artistic ‘bemusement’ park to raise awareness of different topics within society.

Banksy’s previous aims for his artwork have mainly been to promote social change and action needed for different topics highlighted within society. Dismaland is a new pop up park located on the seafront at Weston-super-Mare. It aims to bring different kinds of artists from all over the world together in one place. On the 25th August 2015, Banksy released a video trailer for the previously very secretive Dismaland on his YouTube page: banksyfilm.

The video states that the theme park is different to others due to its intention to bemuse, rather than amuse the public with its quirky artistic style.

In the trailer, the park includes a remake of popular images seen within the media like the Disney castle, once glittering and strong aims to have been re-made to look dilapidated. In comparison to other amusement park trailers, the colours seem generally darker and the facial expressions of the actors within the film appear more subtle than the emotions seen in past theme park trailers.

These scenes aim to focus the public on what may often be uncommonly seen within society and hidden truths that we forget in our day to day lives. The video gleams that the park may be better suited for a mature audience, this might mean that the park displays some pieces that may be regarded as adult entertainment, rather than the normal family-park fun seen by other amusement parks; giving adults the opportunity to do something for themselves and expand their minds.

It also includes sneak peeks at the artistic monuments that are now ready for show, including what might be considered a humanitarian piece in which an orca jumps out of a toilet bowl into a small inflatable paddling pool. A scene which may be taken to represent the real life subject of whale captivity, something many of the public are very passionate about.

The trailer informs the public that the park aims to be open for five weeks which may intrigue the public further with its short deadline.

This new prospect brings together formally unknown artists into the world and highlights their work alongside the celebrity name of Banksy. Under this name the trailer went viral on YouTube reaching over 2 million views. This in itself may likely draw attraction to the park and all of its curiosities that raise points that might need to be dealt with in modern society. Banksy had previously been better known for his artwork than making trailers for amusement parks, however the amount of media coverage might suggest he has some form of talent in this endeavour. His usual artwork was mainly considered abstract graffiti, however a complete amusement park may take the artist’s talents to a whole new level of genius.

The idea that the artist had yet to do anything like this before on his YouTube page:, this may draw his personal fans to the park amongst those whom are his artistic critics thus having to see what else he is capable of.

Weston-super-Mare Dismaland.Credit@InstagramGreg007lille

Weston-super-Mare Dismaland.Credit@InstagramGreg007lille

As the trailer shows, many challenging topics seem to be expressed within the park which may incite fans and other visitors to take action upon, which might fulfill the many artists’ aims for the park by creating a social movement.

Banksy has stated since the release of the trailer and the opening of the park that he far from intends to make any digs at Disneyland, which was the inspiration for the name of the park and a few of the pieces.

To find out more about the park and Banksy himself, follow some of the social networks listed here:

Dismaland twitter:

Banksys’ official website:

Dismaland official website:

How may this new artsy amusement park benefit other artists?


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