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The G20 summit brought all leaders together. Credit@Wikipedia

At the recent G20 summit, Theresa May entered talks with Donald Trump, with the sole aim of completing a trade deal between the two nations. With the triggering of Article 50 earlier this year already signifying talks between Britain and the EU, it seems May and Trump have showcased ingenuity and foreshadowing, as they have made a start on discussions which may take a number of years to finalise; perhaps more pivotally, these talks may conclude at a similar period to the EU talks, suggesting how May seems to be laying the foundations for a stable post-Brexit future. With America amongst the highest ranked countries in terms of trade, their involvement with Britain may also incite other world leaders to act similarly, ultimately providing May with a smorgasbord of opportunities to provide national stability, in turn solidifying her position as Prime Minister.

Considering the results of the EU referendum were close to an even divide, the role of British politicians seemed to be deemed increasingly pivotal, as they may be key in providing a future which may resonate, and ultimately be accepted, by the entirety of the British public. This seemed to be a focal point of Theresa May’s election campaign, with her mandate underpinned by the slogan, ‘strong and stable leadership’, referencing her potential ability to negotiate with other key influencers. Yet, whilst her gravitas in Brussels may enable her to showcase her credentials as a politician, her crowning glory from the recent G20 summit may be her prioritisation of hosting individual talks with world leaders; she seems to be striving to forge bilateral trading relationships, ultimately enabling her to provide fruitful options for Britain.

Teresa May and Donald Trump.

As such, May seemed to prioritise engaging in talks with Trump, and with both leaders seemingly commanding high levels of respect from their counterpart, most notably due to May’s reiteration of her desire to work within EU guidelines, there seemed to be potential for a fair conclusion. The talks seem to also showcase both leaders’ willingness to work with one another, and bypass their differing political opinions in order to produce a fair outcome; with the desire for stability intensifying, most notably due to the situations in locations such as Manchester, and with the recent wave of nationalism potentially contributing to contrasting opinions, working successfully and amicably with other influencers may act as an incentive for the public to similarly unite under the common cause for a fair and stable future.

With the G20 summit focusing on migrant movement and national security alongside the recurring themes relating to global economic growth, deliberations between all seemed important. Yet, debating with Trump at G20 most pivotally enabled May to utilise the stances of other global leaders to influence the President into altering particular philosophies, most notably surrounding the Paris Agreement. With Trump seeking to enhance his current approval ratings, with the polls at the commencement of his tenure ranking superiorly, he may be open to influence; and if May plays a vital role in proceedings, she may elevate her leadership credentials, whilst most notably impacting the protesters outside Hamburg, who seem to have contrasting opinions to Trump. As such, in focussing on one leader at the summit, she potentially possesses the ability to appease, and therefore productively impact, a vast array of people.

Whilst the talks between the UK and US may attain the majority of the focus, it seems more important to focus on the G20 summit itself, as it brings together multiple world leaders, from a smattering of geographical locations, to provide global innovation. Yet, with the UK-US talks seemingly overshadowing this, the impact Theresa May might have had on proceedings seems clear; if she continues to assert her influence, she may play a pivotal role in altering Trump’s stance on multiple factors, ultimately appeasing the protesters in Hamburg. Therefore, she seems to be aiming to solidify her relationships with a vast array of world leaders to provide the best possible deal and, with Trump striving to elevate his approval rating, both leaders seem to be working towards the overarching global goal of solidarity.

How might May influence Trump’s stance on geopolitics in order to elevate the potential for global stability?


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